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    Paintball, Martial Arts, Dirt Bike/4-Wheelers and Tech/Videogames
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    i7-8700k 3.7GHz (8th gen)
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    ASUS RoG Maximus X Hero Z-370 (ATX)
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    16gb RAM 8x2 DDR4-3200MHz/G.Skill TridentZ RGB (CL16)
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    EVGA GTX 1070 TI FTW2 8gb
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    Enermax Coenus
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    2TB Seagate FireCuda (SSHD)
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    EVGA 750w B3, 80+ Bronze (modular)
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    BenQ 27” 1440p 144Hz 1ms (XL2730)
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    Cooler Master Hyper-T2
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    E-3lue Cobra – Wired (400/800/1600 DPI)
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    Windows 10 - Professional (64-bit)

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  1. Taintedmind

    upgrading from a gtx 980

    Q3 2019, which's July-September. They might actually give the exact release date soon when they show everything that's comin out at the official marketing presentation soon - I believe it's next week, since so many tech reporters are askin for people to watch their online vLogs and live streams.
  2. Taintedmind

    2070 DOA + RMA blocker

    DDU it clean, while havin the drivers for the new card downloaded already. Get off of the internet on the PC, then start-up w/the card installed and fresh-install the drivers w/out Windows auto-downloadin some of the actual drivers from the internet automatically. This fixed my issues w/my RTX 2080 before I returned it and got a full-refund. If it doesn't fix the issue and you check if the motherboard is blockin you, then you can do a fresh install of Windows 10 (if willin) and try from the hardware bein fresh installed w/out any conflictin drivers/programs/etc. on the drive.
  3. Taintedmind

    2070 DOA + RMA blocker

    I had major issues goin from a EVGA GTX 1070 TI --> EVGA RTX 2080 because I didn't DDU the old drivers, then reinstall the new ones. I had constant crashing, then it went away w/the DDU + 2080 Driver Install. I then had my hard drive throttlin to 100% usage at idle and some jittery lag on the actual computer itself, so there's major issues w/the RTX cards. Hopefully you're not one of the average 25% of reviewers for an RTX card. If the DDU doesn't work, then possibly lower the voltage goin into the card. I've seen reports from benchmarkers that issues can arise, along w/card throttlin if it's higher in voltage, which'll actually lower its performance. If you lower it some, then it'll actually go above the range you're lookin for. It could be an anomaly or some other issue, but it's worth a shot. Artifacting is quite common w/RTX cards, so it could be you received a bad batch. You also have to lookout for the GDDR6 failin, since it's been heavily reported that the higher cards have have the issue. If your model is after the issues may have been fixed, then you should be in the clear. Some of the cards also have issues w/the APU and the motherboard, so if you have an integrated graphics processor, then check your motherboard settings to see if the motherboard itself is actually blockin the GPU.
  4. Taintedmind

    Thoughts on me getting an MSI RX570 Armor OC 4bg?

    They're likely a revamp, since they're dedicatin a lot of their performance to the next-gen consoles for Ray Tracing and stronger graphics. The processors and graphics cards are projected to be released together not too long after the official announcement, but that still remains to be seen.
  5. Taintedmind

    Thoughts on me getting an MSI RX570 Armor OC 4bg?

    If you're willin to wait, then you can get the next AMD cards that're comin out. It's estimated to be about $140 for an RX 580 equiv. w/the new ones. If you're not willin to wait, then have at it, especially for the 2 free games. As long as you're rockin 1080p between Medium-Low Ultra settings at 60 FPS, then you're fine.
  6. Taintedmind

    is 1060 shit ass card?

    GTX 1060 isn't worth its price tag compared to other cards around the same price in benchmarks.
  7. Taintedmind

    What is a good price for my GTX 1080 TI?

    I wouldn't pay more than $500 new and only new, since they're dated cards. It's still a good card, but it's told tech no matter how you look at it, so it's bein phased out. The new Navi cards are also comin into play soon (July-September release), but the older cards are mastered tech so they're highly desirable which's skyrocketin their prices. Many literally cost more than the new tech due to rarity. I purchased my GTX 1070 TI when the RTX cards were announced, so the price dropped to $430-480 brand new, but they soon skyrocketed up once people realized how overpriced and defective the RTX cards were. Be careful w/old tech, especially if it's used. There obviously isn't much for high end cards in terms of NVIDIA that're worth it due to defects, so it's understandable you'd want to stick w/mastered and reliable tech of last generation. I know they're not on the same league or exactly what you're lookin for, but here's an option for a new GTX 1070, if you're interested:
  8. Taintedmind

    My case causes overheating, what can I do?

    You can take the mesh off of the front, if you're willin to clean it a little more often. Evacuating the heat is def. worth it to me, which's why I look at case reviews on YouTube to see which ones have ventilation issues prior to purchase. I was lookin at the MASTERBOX Q300P, but apparently it has atrocious ventilation in the front due to only havin 2 small intakes at the top and bottom of the case; instead of havin the entire front panel for ventilation. They're more worried about aesthetics and RGB than actual functionality w/the product. I was goin to make the build to have it for mobility in case I found places that did LAN parties, like in Ohio, but it'll overheat and not become worth it to me.
  9. Taintedmind

    RTX 2080TI Ventus problem

    What're your background processes lookin like prior to launch? Check your CPU/GPU/HD usesage prior to launchin them, if you don't know. There could be a background process issue that's come out w/the constant big updates to Windows 10 as of late - I had an issue w/my HD throttlin to max usage while idle for no reason, which tanked my games. I've seen other similar reports, which's likely why they're sendin out so many patches in an attempt to fix the issues. YouTube channels have also stated Microsoft knows about the issues.
  10. Taintedmind

    Which Nvidia driver are you currently using ?

    Drivers aren't always just to improve performance in what's currently out. Many times they're for other software to actually work w/the hardware and/or to be compatible w/new games that're released, which'll just literally allow them to work in the first place; not improve framerate or any other kind of performance.
  11. Taintedmind

    Buying GPU on eBay

    You can get a direct refund from eBay themselves, especially if you send them a screen shot of the original defect message. They'll take the refund from their account and send it back to you. I haven't had any issues w/eBay assistin w/refunds.
  12. The lowest grade GTX 1650 I could find requires at least a 300w power supply. The lowest priced AMD 570 I've seen is $130 for a 4gb and $140 for an 8gb new w/2 free games (World War Z and The Division 2 - Gold).
  13. Taintedmind

    Gtx 1660ti or wait for navi?

    Waiting can help bring in deals from NVIDIA to compete, especially since AMD is bringin out both processors and graphics cards; along w/AMD currently runnin 2 free games w/purchase of certain processors and/or graphics cards. July-September is the projected release time, so there's your time frame, if you're willin to wait. A 1060 ti is old tech, so be careful w/purchasin it, since it'll get nerfed into the ground w/drivers, along w/bein left behind by newer games. A RX 580 isn't bad, so there's nothin to really worry about, currently. I was lookin to get my g/f an EVGA GTX 1660 XC Ultra Gaming 6gb, since it's currently down from $250 to $220, but w/Navi comin out, they might lower the price and release it w/some games. I'm just worried about the 6gb of VRAM, since the standard has become 8gb and I don't want to have to purchase another one soon afterwards. It's somethin to think about when you're lookin to purchase a new card. Be careful w/how quickly somethin can age, like the RTX 2060 w/only 6gb of VRAM.
  14. Taintedmind

    New RTX 2070...LOW frame rates (23fps)

    I upgraded from a GTX 1070 TI to an RTX 2080 w/out doin a DDU on the drivers and my computer kept crashin once I launched a game. Once I did a DDU and fresh driver install, it went away. I then had issues w/my hard drive throttlin to full usasage at idle, which's weird; so I went back to my GTX 1070 TI and re-installed Windows 10; all of the issues then went away, so I would recommend a DDU when goin from GTX --> RTX.
  15. Taintedmind

    GPU not working

    There're YouTube videos and AMD support that can assist you w/installin the drivers, but likely there's somethin wrong on the hardware side of things, since it's actually blockin your Integrated Graphics from even working. I've had dead Display Ports on my first GTX 1070 TI, but the Integrated Graphics still worked. It's better to get help through a tutorial to show you while it's explained, than to look at text and hope for the best. AMD also has forums and tech support that'll see what they can do. It could be somethin on your hardware that's blockin the drivers or somethin physical on the card that could be damaged internally and/or on the PCIe port. You could try DDU the drivers, then install the graphics card and see if the generic drivers will allow you to have some sort of projection, but it's doubtful since I've never heard of integrated graphics bein blocked w/out the processor actually bein damaged somehow.