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    Maryland, USA
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    Paintball, Martial Arts, Dirt Bike/4-Wheelers and Tech/Videogames
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    Law Enforcement


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    i7-8700k 3.7-4.7GHz (8th gen)
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    ASUS RoG Maximus X Hero Z-370 (ATX)
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    32gb RAM 4x8 DDR4-3200MHz/G.Skill TridentZ RGB (CL16)
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    EVGA GTX 1070ti FTW2 8gb
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    Enermax Coenus
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    2TB Crucial MX500 (SSD) + 2TB Seagate FireCuda (SSHD) + 8TB Seagate E-Backup HD
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    EVGA 750w B3, 80+ Bronze (modular)
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    BenQ 27” 1440p 144Hz 1ms (XL2730)
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 - Black Edition
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    Sharkoon Skiller
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    SendowTek V30 (500/800/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/10,000)
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    Windows 10 - Professional (64-bit)

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  1. I found it cheap on Humble Bundle at about $17, but the sale went away before I could purchase it - I could only get the deal to $45 when I looked lately, which isn't much of a deal at all.
  2. I'm looking to purchase Nioh - Complete Edition (PC), but I was wondering if G2A and/or SCDKey are legit. I've used SCDKey for Windows 10 keys and they've worked fine, but I've never used them for games. If anyone has any insight on this topic, it'd be greatly appreciated for one or both companies/websites; thanks in advanced!
  3. You can always wait for RTX 3k series to see if they're not nearly as flawed as the 2k series; it might have more promise, while only bein roughly 6 months away to the newest cards, especially since the current cards struggle in certain games if you decide to upgrade frame rates and/or resolution
  4. RTX XX70 Super version or higher, if you're into lower temps. If you're red for lower cost, then 5700XT or the 5800 that's comin out
  5. My g/f is rockin a GTX 1070 for 1080p/144Hz, so I'd recommend it for non-AAA titles at Ultra/Very High Settings at those specs. I'm currently usin a GTX 1070ti, which's workin well for 1440p/144Hz for many games, but not many AAA games'll work at Ultra at max FPS. The price-to-performance apparently drops immensely after the RTX 2070 Super, so I wouldn't go higher than that at your resolution/FPS combo. I'm waitin for the RTX 3k series, then I'll upgrade; but what I'm currently usin is workin for at least High Settings at 144FPS. If you're willin to spend a little more now, then you'll get more instant performance w/more future resistance; instead of needin to upgrade every 1-2yrs or so. It's beyond worth it and you can resell them for more at that time, since they're a higher Graphics Card to put into a new/upgraded used one. Food for Thought.
  6. They've stabalized once I put MCE back on; so I'm goin to keep it there, until I get the new heat sync.
  7. I know they're far from consistent, but it's the vast-majority of what I do w/it; so it's pretty much the only thing that matters for what I'm lookin for. A handful of games are played heavily on it, so those're when the temps'll matter the most to me. Everything else is goin to be irrelevant, since it won't be under load. I'm movin 11/5, so I'll have to see what the ambient temps are there. Also, humidity in case it's an issue.
  8. Yes - I'm playin the normal games I play w/cold ambient temps (window open w/an overhead fan)
  9. My temps have gone up about 10-15c w/out MCE on at Auto =/
  10. I wouldn't know how to adjust the voltage, so it's not a major interest/past time of mine.
  11. Should performance change at all? The only real BIOS thing I change is MBR and RAM speed, so I'm not majorly familiar w/OC, voltage, etc. or anything to that degree.
  12. Just w/e the motherboard has w/Sync All Cores to 4.7GHz. It's fine when they're on Auto, which's what I have it on now; but the constant 4.7GHz overheats it immensely w/only 4 heat pipes, thus far.
  13. I was wondering if the Trident Z Neo is good for Ryzen 2000 at all or would it be a better fit to go w/the Flare X versions of the gSkill memory? The website states the Trident Z Neo's are for the newest 3000 series, but I'm curious if they'll do well, better, the same or worse than the Flare X for the previous generation of AMD processor; any useful info is appreciated
  14. I just turned off Sync All Core and it's stable now - I'm not goin to stay boosted at 4.7GHz until I have the new Noctua black edition; then I should be fine.
  15. Yes, Celcius - I was amazed it didn't thermal throttle/crash/BSoD