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  1. TH_HT_TH

    Trouble with the frames

    Even tho my specs are higher then the recomended specs for battlefield5 i still get garbage frames even when at the lowest settings Ryzen 5 2400g 1070 ti 16gb 3000mhz ram
  2. TH_HT_TH

    Ram issue 2

    When i put ram in slot 1-3 the screen doesnt work even when i put it in 2-4
  3. Do i make it lower or higher
  4. Tuf b450m plus 16gb ballistic memory 3000mhz Ryzen 5 2400 1070 ti Why does it not boot when i enable DOCP to overclock Ram
  5. TH_HT_TH

    Ram issue

    I want to make my ram get to 3000 mhz and after i enable xmp option what do i do do i change the hertz and volts and do i change the timings?
  6. TH_HT_TH

    Ram issue

    And then i change the voltage and hertz what about timings?
  7. TH_HT_TH

    Ram issue

    I have 3000mhz 16 ram and when i put it into 3000 in bios the monitor doesnt work pls help my motherboard is tuf b450m plus
  8. TH_HT_TH

    Tuf gaming b450m plus

    1. Is the battery that circle metel thing 2.should i remove it before or after i disconnect the cable
  9. TH_HT_TH

    Tuf gaming b450m plus

    Dont see any pins
  10. TH_HT_TH

    Tuf gaming b450m plus

    I clealry dont see the pins
  11. TH_HT_TH

    Tuf gaming b450m plus

    Should i do this with the power on?
  12. TH_HT_TH

    Tuf gaming b450m plus

    Can you tell me what does it mean by short the pins with a screwdriver
  13. TH_HT_TH

    Tuf gaming b450m plus

    What caps
  14. How do i reset the cmos i dont have the three pin cube
  15. TH_HT_TH

    Ram issue

    When i put my ram like that the moniter doesnt work it only works with one ram stick pls