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  1. Alright, later today I plan on trying to boot with an old gtx 1050ti as well. How could a gpu prevent me from booting smoothly?
  2. I used integrated graphics and booted normally, not sure what to do here
  3. Hello! So I have been trying to fix my pc for about 2 days now with no progress. My PC does not boot past the splash screen, then instead of going to windows it just shows a black screen (display is working because I unplugged the hdmi cable and it went “black black”) I ended up getting to windows recovery ONCE and wiped the PC. Then a restarted and still nothing. I also tried to use the “fix startup” option and still nothing. I tried to fresh install windows and once was a able to get to the desktop screen, but got a black screen shortly after trying to install a GeForce experience and I never saw it again. I tried installing windows AGAIN and never even got to the desktop. No error codes, no help on the internet, and no post codes. I am truely lost and begging for help at this point. Specs of pc i7-8700k MSI rtx 2060 MSI MPG z390m gaming mobo 16gb Corsair vengeance corsair mp300 m.2 250gb (boot drive) i will answer any questions quick if you ask questions, please come in clutch because Reddit has been useless
  4. No, I did not think it would matter
  5. Like display port? I would not think it would matter
  6. This happens at random times and is pretty much unpredictable, When the card drops its video, its not a BSOD just black, i can still hear audio and my computer is still "on". Also, the fans on the gpu speed up to 100% I have yet to do anything because I really don't know what to do and I just need help. I will answer any questions right away so please ask!!