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  1. I have been experiencing some performance issues on Gta 5. The Graphics card is always on 50%-70%. It is not Bottleneck because I have seen many benchmarks with the same specs and the same video configuration and the graphics card is always on 99%-100%Here are some images: The video configuration is the same of this video: View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSe9KId78LEMy specs are:Rtx 2070 8gb OCI7-7700k20gb 2400 Mhz3 TB HDDPsu 800 W gold
  2. Yeah haha, that is another uprugade that I need, I dont investigated so well when I built my pc, but well, I am learning. Thanks to you too man.
  3. Thank you man, I put DSR of Nvidia and I establish the reolution to 1080 and it runs better.
  4. It works!!!! Now it runs so much better, Thank you thank you thank you. I will keep that DSR activated until I get a new monitor
  5. so, what i have to do??? Buy a new monitor or what? Do you think that the fps that I have right now are nromal for a RTX 2070?
  6. Seriously? I dont have idea. I thinked that in lower reolutions it would run better. So, if I buy a 1080p monitor it will run normally?
  7. So if I buy a 1080p monitor it will run at it is supposed to run?
  8. But it is not supossed that a lower resolution it will run better? I dont understand this haha
  9. But it drops sometimes for example to 40 fps. It is not supposed that at a lower resolution it should runs better than at a higher? (CPU usage it is on the images)
  10. I built my pc like a week ago. And since I built it I have noticed something: My gpu is not giving the 100%. Normaly it depends on the game, sometimes it is in 80% of usage in one game, but in another ocasion it is at 20% of usage. Independently, it never gets to 100%. I dont think that it is a bottleneck between my cpu and my gpu because I have seen a lot of benchmarks with the same specs ant they all gets to 98-100% My specs: I7-7700k (without overclock) RTX 2070 Black (without overclock) HDD 7.2 RPM 16 GB Ram 2400 Mhz Single Channel (Yes, I know, I have to update to dual channel but I dont think that is the problem) PSU 750 W Gold Here are some captures: (VSYNC is off in all games and they all are in max graphics) Another thing, Im not even playing at 1080p because I dont have a monitor with that resolution. I am playing at 1366x768 FPS in Fortnite are ok, anyway graphics card still not be able to reach 100% Here are some benchmarks with the same (or similar) specs: As you can see, in all the games it reach the maximum usage. Help me please!!