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  1. Nake sure in geforecr experience you psyx processor is the gpu
  2. Hi all, I am trying to use my computer, like aura sync to control my rooms and desk rgb. So i can do one of two things: 1. Use a spare 12v 4pin header and feed that to a rgb amp then to the rgb strips 2. Or, what id prefer to do is use a 3pin drgb header to go to a splitter then the strips But i cant find any good argb or 12v strips that are cheap, or a 5v ARB amp If you guys know any, pls tell me. Or a easier way, ideallry i dont want to spend more than 70aud
  3. nah, I have rma'it, twice, first was the pompom noise, second I have a bust ml fan. So when I get a new one ill tel ye.
  4. Asus prime x470, r3600 latest windows. Happens on all mic recording programs.
  5. Hey all, My game audio is going through my microphone and annoying everyone whom i play games with. The setup is a Audio-technia headset with inline mic, thus a combo jack. I have a combo jack extenstion going from my desk to my pc, then it gets split to stereo and mic into my computer. Headset/mic --- extension cable --- splutter -- stereo/mic
  6. true, maybe reseat the cpu, or try in different dimm slots
  7. those look right, maybe try reseating the ram, if not try with one stick only. Otherthan that, RMA it
  8. agreed. I did something similiar. I had a fx8350 and gt640, and upgraded the 1660 first. then to a ryzen 3600x
  9. Check your voltages, it should be higher than what it is at 2100.
  10. it is loud, and it isnt the SE version, its the black version. And how would i get those air bubles out.
  11. it is loud, and it isnt the SE version, its the black version wwith mls.
  12. Make sure your mobo can hit 3200 mhz, if not, increase the timings, or make sure the voltage is 1.4ish i think it should be, or around that.
  13. Hey all, My brand new corsair h100i platniunm is making, popping noise. If you have any suggestion please tell me Def from pump, two replacements now. Mounted at front of the case. Voice 043.m4a