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  1. Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes. I have a windows 10 desktop, I use google chrome as my browser. Used to be if I had to reboot windows, then I could just reopen chrome and my tabs would reopen. As of a month ago anytime I do a reboot (if chrome is open or not) I try to open chrome after the reboot and it locks up. It shows the google search screen locks up. It shows two message 1. Asking if I want to restore my last session. 2. That Flash will be finished in December 2020. I have to go into task manager and it shows I somehow have up to 18 tabs open when none are, and I have to 'end task' it. I try several more times and the same thing happens. Only about 10 minutes or so after I can open chrome and it works again. I do not see anything in a virus scan or a malware scan.
  2. I got a Acomdata esata 1tb usb external drive from my bother to get stuff off of it. I had no power cable, so I tried many universal ones I have where you can select various size plugs and work them. Nothing worked to power it on. I found a T8 screw driver and opened it up. I took out the sata HD which turned out to be a samsung hd103ui 1 tb drive. I tried a few things I had. I had a HD docking station and the dock would not show power lights when the samsung drive was plugged in. When I took it out of the drive the dock lights came on again. I tried a sata port board with a usb cord that I got from a kit that you use to clone HD data from a pc HD. It had a blue light on so I assume it also had power. The blue light on the board was lit, but no reading on the pc. One place I see online says to remove the control board from the bottom of the HD with the sata connections on it, and replace it with another one of the same kind/number and see if that works. So they think it could be just the circuit board on the HD with the sata connections on it. But I have never done that and do not know how to do that. Not sure if its just removing screws, and replacing the board on the bottom of the HD. When used before the drive was on a vista/xp pc. It had either usb 2.0 device cable or a esata connection. I have a Windows 10 64bit pc. Could that cause the trouble? Though I do not think it would stop it from turning on? Thanks