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  1. Honestly, even if it was a GTX 760, what do you expect from it? Its not going to be breaking any records performance wise, and I guarantee it will fall exactly where expected on the performane-to-price ratio.
  2. Schools don't follow common logic, they have a much more convoluted method to computers. For example, the university I attended, you would assume that the engineering majors would need better computers, especially the mechanical/civil engineers who need to use 3D software like Solidworks. However, because the school had a policy of every student pays the same tuition, they ended up with the worst computers. Why? Engineering professors get paid more otherwise they would just actually work in the industry. The History major professors get paid a lot less so that department has a lot more money to spend on computers.
  3. I'm not set on anything. I don't have any brand attachment to any particular audio company. I just really like to 'hear' before buying, and if that's not possible, then there is not much else I can do but just take other peoples word for whats worth it and whats not. Is there anything you would recommend, any brand?
  4. Thanks for the reassuring responses! I'll make sure to post back what they end up shipping back to me.
  5. I'm actually really interested in the Audioengine A2's, but I'm afraid to spend $200 on something that I've never heard before. Are these available at any physical store? Edit: it seems you are from Europe, so you probably don't know about US store ;o. I may just cave and order them on Amazon and just hope they meet or exceed my expectations.
  6. Maybe my headphone will help to understand the kind of 'level' of audio I'm looking for. I have a Audiotechnica A700. I also used to use a Razer Headset. After using the A700, I just couldn't use the Razer headset anymore as headphones, and I ended up wearing the headset around my neck for a mic while using the A700. I've also had the opportunity to try my friends super expensive Grados headphones (can't remember the model number), but I remember them being WAYY more expensive, and even though I could notice a difference in audio, it felt like a laterally shift in audio quality rather than a upgrade.
  7. I was suppose to get Borderlands 2 with my Graphics Card that I bought from Fry's. They never gave me the code. I took that as permission to just go pirate it. Because I wasn't going to make the 40 minute commute (1 way) to go get my game. That plus Game of Thrones. My god, if they would let me pay for it, I would. But they won't, so I guess its download time.
  8. How would I go about finding one of these shops in my area? If i google Audio shop I just get Car Audio Shops near my area
  9. Thats my point. Pre-built computers get Windows for cheaper, thus making them a better value.
  10. I've been a headphone/headset user most of my life, and I'm looking into buying some actually speakers for my computer. My budget is anywhere from $10 to $300 or even more, but specifically what I'm interested is to actually know about the difference in quality between a $10 and $100 and $1000 speaker. From my research reading forums, most of what I've learned is that everything sucks. Every speaker system bar the ultra-expensive ones are bashed on for sucking and being overpriced. And everyone loves to bash on pretty much everything Best Buy has to offer (Bose, Logitech, etc.). I've been to Best buy and heard their demo units, and I can definitely see the difference between the $15 logitech ones and the $300 Bose ones (that everyone says are overpriced). Is there anyway to actually hear the other 100 speakers that Best Buy doesn't offer without just trusting random reviewers on the internet and picking one? I just want the best sound for my dollar, budget is secondary. i.e. If it sounds $100 better, I don't mind paying $100 more.
  11. windows key + M minimize everything to desktop. the "holy shit someones coming, minimize all my shit shortcut"
  12. Gabe knows. Gabe also knows when HL3 is coming out. :P
  13. I'm left-handed but I still use the mouse with my right hand. It is because I had to growing up, back when people shared computers. In the same way, I know people who are right handed and use the mouse with their left hand because their parents were lefties and that is just how they learned
  14. I've been reading through forums after I shipped my XFX HD 6850 back for RMA because it had stopped working, and apparently, rather than shipping back the same card, XFX will ship back what they call an "equivalent" card. Which in this case, I would guess would be like the 7770. However, I've been running the cards in Crossfire, and I emailed them telling them that I actually want a 6850 back so I can keep them in crossfire. They've made no response. Am I just boned if they just ship me back a 7770 anyway?
  15. I'd say the cheaper the better. Most standard and least features that could potentially make it not work.
  16. Zune comes with Windows if you buy a computer at the Microsoft Store. I specifically remember this because I remember @ the Microsoft Store, they were advertising the "microsoft signature" for all their PCs (which is to make them come with zero bloatware). The guy at the desk kept trying to tell me that I won't have to uninstall all the bloatware that comes with the computer if I had bought it somewhere else. And yet, they came with Zune and Internet Explorer. I think they don't always bundle Zune with Windows because there is already Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, and the Metro Music App that can play mp3 files. Why put a 4th program in It was also missing key drivers. It was a Sony Vaio Laptop, and it was missing the fingerprint reader drivers, and the stamina/speed drivers, etc.
  17. I think the worst offender of the illegal downloading is downloading Windows for free when building a new PC. Everyone always raves on and on about how building your own PC will always out-spec a Dell PC or something, even at the ultra-low end, budget PCs. If you were to realistically count the $100 Windows license, there is no way you could build a $300 PC that is better than a $300 Dell, since you'd actually have $200 for the PC and $100 for the OS. Everyone seems to forget about the OS as part of a pre-built system.
  18. I'm almost positive something has to go wrong for games to tell you that you are out of VRAM. Usually when you low on VRAM, they just automatically fix that by making stuff farther away disappear, etc.
  19. The h110 has Corsair Link? wha??? Nevermind, it seems thats for PSU =)
  20. Depending on where you bought your GPU, can't you just exchange it for another one? I wouldn't really trust a store that says the GPU is working correctly. I bet they just plug it in and see if it POSTS and then just say its good.
  21. My h100i pump broke and is in RMA, so I'm using a stock cooler right now. (4670k) I'm running with no overclock and the temps get to 90 degrees under load, even with the 10,0000,000 RPM airplane stock fan.
  22. I've never heard of compatibility issues with GPU and BIOS like what you are explaining before. Especially since you have ASUS for both motherboard and GPU. Wait. if you are able to get in (as in load Windows), whats the problem?
  23. I'm pretty sure all you need to do is call the number on the back of your card and authorize the purchase. Tell them the price and the seller and they should approve it.
  24. I remember reading that Microsoft actually had more hardware patents than software patents. There are a lot of things that are Microsoft that people do not even realize. IIRC, they are like the top keyboard seller, top mouse seller, top webcam seller, etc.
  25. With your budget, like other people have mentioned, I'd either step down (budget-wise, step laterally performance-wise) to a 7970, or step up to a GTX 780.