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  1. The way i see it is motherboard features are the 3rd most important thing. More important is reliability and support. Anybody whose had to RMA a motherboard understand how important support is, and also understand how important reliability is so that they won't have to experience it again. So if you have had good experience with EVGA, then by all means, stick to them.
  2. Dominator Platinums are old SKU. Go with the Vengeance Pro unless you are willing to sacrifice performance for aesthetics and hurt your wallet more.
  3. If you can get your hands on Windows 8 (through Dreamspark or otherwise), after you get your build set up, you should consider upgrading to Windows 8. You can download a start button thing if you can't live without it. Why? Ultra-Fast-Boot. Z77 and up motherboards support it, and it is amazing. 6-8 second cold boots off an SSD.
  4. Both your z87 motherboard and GPU will support the Ultra-fast boot thing that Windows 8 has. So if you were using Windows 8 and get an SSD, your computer will boot SUPER fast. Like 6 second cold boots.
  5. Sales wise, they aren't the 'top' dog in motherboards when compared to their video cards.
  6. The issue I have with TastyPC is that there are only 7 cases actually reviewed, half of which are Corsair. So If you're looking for Corsair, its a good site to see the differences, but the differences are already obvious --> 350D for mATX, 900D for XL-atx, etc. It seems she likes to review cases at all different price points. Rather than reviewing 10 different cases at the same price point, she will review a budget case, a mid-level case, a mini-ITX case, and a high end case, but these reviews can't be compared against one another because they are in different 'brackets' Linus on the other hand, though the videos are not as detailed, you can compare the cases one to another, because he usually sticks to the same 5-6 points for each case, even if some of those points don't really matter to you. He seems to always mention how much "plastic vs aluminum" a case has, then will move on to bending the side panel to see how much that bends. Then say that the case has tool-less bays, a large cpu cutout, and room behind the motherboard tray for cables. Then he'll ask you to subscribe and be done. No joke --> I challenge you to find a case review that does not contain those things in the last year or two.
  7. If you were looking into buying the Corsair Sleeving Kits, the AX860 is kit is actually a lot cheaper than the AX860i, because it is older. The 860i one doesn't come with the 24pin either.
  8. True that. Noctua's match other Noctua's. That was their plan all along :ph34r:
  9. Unless you got a super fancy high end PSU, its all color coded. Black is ground Orange is 3.3V Red is 5V Yellow is 12V Green is for PS# Gray is for power on Purple is 5VSB http://pcsupport.about.com/gi/o.htm?zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=pcsupport&cdn=compute&tm=75&f=00&su=p284.13.342.ip_p504.6.342.ip_&tt=2&bt=4&bts=50&zu=http%3A//www.formfactors.org/developer%255Cspecs%255Catx2_2.pdf Its all in there. Also: Don't just say Black goes to wherever a black is. You will want to try to make it as untangled as you possibly can, to look nicer.
  10. THe best part about Steam Summer Sale is I don't even know what I want. But I WILL SOON!!!
  11. This may be unconventional, but I think that newegg's or any retailer's webpage have the best case reviews. On sites like newegg, you can sort by popularity or ratings. Before I get flamed, let me explain: Cases are not like any other computer hardware part. They can't really come 'defective' like motherboards can. They are highly opinionated. Also, a lot about a case is its aesthetics, something that the masses has a better ability to judge than 1 reviewer. Another thing is ease of building in: this is another thing that is good for normal case reviewers. They don't build computers every day, so they understand how easy or hard building in the case they bought was. A professional case reviewer would probably find every case easy to build in, because everything is easy after doing it 1000 times. Newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Computer-Cases/SubCategory/ID-7?Order=RATING Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/electronics/572238/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_e_1_4_last
  12. ROG boards cost more because of the name. They probably use higher rated Caps or something. If you go to newegg's youtube channel, they have a long interview with JJ from Asus explaining the difference between each ASUS motherboard in the Z87 lineup. Most of it is small incremental upgrades from each motherboard SKU, adding a few things here and there, that eventually make the top end boards cost a lot more than the lower-end boards.
  13. http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/geforce_gtx_780_sli_review,23.html At the bottom of the page. Image link: http://www.guru3d.com/index.php?ct=articles&action=file&id=4002
  14. Help me out too! Best language to do the following: Take a text file and alphabetize by line. I've been doing it a silly way using an Excel macro to import the text file, then alphabetize, then saving it as a text file and I'm wondering if it can be done in like Python, Perl, C or something super easily -- As a stand alone executable. So I don't have to have Excel on the computer.
  15. There is a gap for air to flow in on the sides. The white one comes with soft touch too, which is the one I have. Only black comes with the mesh. Just use pressure optimized fans and it'll be all good.
  16. Battlefield is definitely the most GPU intensive on your list of games, and from the benchmarks, it seems that the 7990 is the clear choice, even beating out 2-way Titans.
  17. (Charts taken from Guru3D) http://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/geforce_gtx_780_sli_review,22.html From these results, and your maximum budget of $1000, the following cards are within your budget. Nvidia: 680, 780, Titan AMD: 7970, 7990 So, I'd probably recommend the 7990 on AMD side, and 780 on Nvidia side (Titan is not worth the extra money on top of 780.) EDIT: For battlefield 3, the benchmarks show that the 780, titan, 7990, and 690 all are capable of pushing more than 40 fps at your resolution. While the 780 has 44 FPS in BF3, the 7990 has 72 FPS. AMD's 7990 has a large advantage over the Nvidia cards. On top of that, it would be a good bet that AMD cards will perform better on Battlefield 4 as well, seeing as how all of the consoles are running AMD and such.
  18. Okay here are two scenarios that have happened to me, and two almost opposite results A little backstory: My brother is a crazy Razer fan, and though I wasn't originally, the way I've seen their support being handled changes my opinion on them greatly. My brother's, while removing the cable from his Razer Mamba, forgot that there is a button to release the cable, and just tried to yank it out, breaking it. In an attempt to help him, I gathered up all of his Razer gear (mouse, mousepad, laptop mouse, keyboard, and headset), snapped a picture, and sent an email to Razer support, saying something like this: I broke my cable to my Razer Mamba. I'm a super loyal Razer supporter, and attached is a picture of all my Razer gear. Is it possible for you to replace this cable? I know that I am at fault for breaking it, but it'd be nice to not have to buy another $100 mouse. A couple days later, a new cable came in the mail along with a note that said that they had a hard time finding the cable which is why it took 2 days to get to me, and thanked me for being a Razer gamer. Now my backstory: When I built my rig, I was a big fan of corsair. I use a corsair mouse, keyboard, headset, computer case, mousepad, CPU cooler, case fans, power supply. (m60, k60, h1sa, 650d, h100i, sp120 pwm, af140s, hx650, cx600m) My Corsair H100i pump breaks, so I send it in for RMA. It takes about a week for a response, which was an automated response anyway, telling me to ship it to X address and put RMA number on the package. ~$10 to ship package. Another week passes, and they tell me that my RMA cannot be processed because I did not include the cooling fans for my H100i. Every RMA I've ever experienced has been to just include the defective part, not the entire product, but apparently Corsair says that their warranty policy was broken because I did not include the fans. This was the link I was given for Corsair's warranty policy: http://www.corsair.com/en/support/warranty/ I challenge someone to find in there something that mentions including accessories in an RMA. Anyways, I'm forced to comply and ship my AIO cooler fans to Corsair. Another $8 to ship. Another 10 days pass, even though the package shipped in 2, according to my tracking from UPS, and Corsair replies that my RMA can still not be processed. This one was kind of my fault, but it is still asinine on their part. Rather than shipping the stock H100i Fans, the SP120L or whatever, I had forgotten and shipped the fans that I was actually using on my cooler, which were Corsair SP120 PWM fans. (Still Corsair fans XD) Now, Corsair is asking for me to pay return shipping for the incorrect fans I shipped them, and still asking me to ship the SP120L fans to them, costing me another $15 dollars, which will bring the total I've spent trying to RMA my defective H100i to over $30. Note the difference between the two stories. Razer: My fault for broken hardware, they send out fix free anyway. Corsair: Not my fault, need to spend $30 and 5 weeks. The point of my experience is this question below: What would you think about if companies had you register all of your products you purchased from them, so when you ask for support, they can see that you are a loyal and more importantly, frequent customer, so they don't treat you like garbage.
  19. jaypro

    choosing OS

    I switched to Windows 8 for the ultra fast boot thing. After installing a start button, it feels just like Windows 7 except it turns on in like 5 seconds. Gaming-wise, I don't notice a difference.
  20. Cool. Maybe they will still have Refub 6850s for me to get. About the Nvidia or AMD thing: That is written there just for the XFX Nvidia Cards that they made long time ago that still have lifetime warranty. Since they don't make Nvidia cards anymore, they ship AMD cards out.
  21. I got one off Amazon for like $30. http://amzn.com/B0051QHPJM
  22. Computers don't think in seconds. So it just so happens that the cycle does not divide evenly into 1 second.
  23. Try looking for like a starter kit. You may or may not need the 9V power plug, the uSB A-B cable, and some jumper wires.
  24. Stress tests are to test for stability. Do you mean benchmarks? If you mean benchmarks, you can just look up 7680x1440 results online for the 780
  25. I've had a good experience with MSI Twin Frozr, but I think they charge quite a bit extra for that over a stock 7950.