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  1. My situation is that I have an 128GB SSD in my laptop and I'm looking to upgrade that to a 256GB or even 512GB SSD but haven't because I've always feared swapping out drives. My past experience has been: copy all of my documents, photos, music, etc, removing the drive, fresh install of Windows, followed by a long list of driver installations, then 3rd party software installations. I've heard that there are ways to image the drive and just copy exactly the information from one drive to another, where essentially the only difference I would notice is a lot more free space on my drive. What is the best way to accomplish this, on a laptop? (Laptop only has connection for 1 SSD at a time. Would I need an external SATA dock or a desktop to connect both drives, etc) What software is involved? On a side note: notice how I typed SS drive instead of SSD :)
  2. To play devils advocate to everyone trying to sway you away from TN panels in favor of IPS panels. The cost of IPS panels in comparison to TN panels is significant. People always rave about how nice their IPS panel is and how they can never go back to TN. This statement is partially true. If you have a multiple monitor setup with some IPS and some TN panels, then you will notice the difference. I purchased an IPS panel for my home computer, but I was stuck with a TN panel for work. Everyday I would notice the difference coming from work to home, to the point where I discarded the IPS panel. The TN panel by itself looks nice, but only seems bad when compared to the IPS. Best advice I can offer: never use IPS and the TN panel will look fine. Regarding the bezels, with bezel correction, 10mm and 20 mm makes little difference after your eyes get adjusted to it.
  3. It almost seems that water cooling is bound to end up like air cooling. An over-saturation of different products eventually resulting in specific products dominating either the budget-end or the high-end spectrum. Corsair's fast pace of releasing new AIO coolers is an attempt to be that "top dog" in AIO coolers. By having the ultimate flagship cooler, consumers will want to buy the budget-end coolers for the Corsair name. (What I mean for budget-end or high-end can be equated to what has happened to the Air cooler market. (i.e. Hyper 212 for budget, Noctua NH-D14 for high end)