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  1. I used to have a mousepad that extended past through my keyboard, but then I had to switch back because I often push my keyboard forward towards my monitor to make space for when I'm writing something on paper. Then the mousepad is just getting in the way.
  2. http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/wasd-sampler-kit.html They have a sampler kit they sell for $10 with all the common keycaps and o-rings.
  3. A good way to measure performance is to look at the official MSRP price of the graphic cards from Nvidia's site. They aren't idiots. They price their cards based on performance. A more expensive card won't be worse than a cheaper card. THEN -- you can go look for sales and deals for the best card that fits your budget.
  4. I went for an iphone even though it was a little bit out of my original budget because of the resale value of the iphone. It is amazing that if you look on craigslist, people are still able to sell Iphone 3GS's and Iphone 4/4s. But if you look at any other manufacturer, lets say for example Samsung, you don't see a single Galaxy S2 being sold.
  5. Try bringing it back to an apple store. Something similar happened to my iphone earbuds or whatever they called it. I went back and got them replaced for free. I gave them my iPhone Serial number, they looked it up, and obviously since iPhone 5 has not been out for a whole year, I was still under the 1 year warranty that they have. I just said. Hey - I have to wiggle the cable around to get audio to work. Gimme a new one. And they did. Since the lightning adapter is not even a year old, you probably could do the same.
  6. I had two of them. One on the top of 650D and one on the front. One works, one doesn't. I've also swapped them. One works, one doesn't. I've reached the conclusion that one of them is broken.
  7. Do the quiet editions (AF or SP) come with the step-downs, or do only the performance ones come with it? I could've swore that my box did not have them (I bought AF120s and SP120s).
  8. I think tablets will hit the same point that laptops have. You have one, and the new ones aren't fast enough/revolutionary enough to justify replacing the one you have.
  9. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I was always told that idle temps don't matter.
  10. jaypro

    I Need Help

    Waiting for Haswell at this point is probably a good idea, but aren't the prices sort of already available on the new processors/motherboards? If not, you can probably guess them, which leaves the budget open for the other things he needs: monitors, keyboards, mouse, headset. you could probably also pick out a case and stuff. And Green Theme probably means you are going Nvidia?
  11. I've always wondered, do these things ship pre-built or are they more like the newegg bundles where they just ship you all the components with a discount price for bundling?
  12. If this is your first build, remember peripherals and operating systems add to the final cost of your computer. Monitors, keyboard, mouse, Windows, etc.
  13. At $300 (though I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me because this is a computer hardware forum) I'd recommend a prebuilt computer. Why? Because unless you plan on pirating your operating system, a third of your budget will be gone to Windows 7/8.
  14. Oh man. I had this same infuriating problem with Catalyst drivers. I pinpointed my issue to do with the fact that I was using it as a HTPC and that my TV was using a AV reciever. My issue also fixed itself by just replugging the HDMI cable. Which sucks because it was a HTPC and hard to reach the cables + I'm on a couch and don't want to get up. I don't know if this makes sense, but my solution was to uninstall the 13.4 drivers, install 13.0 drivers, then upgrade the 13.0 drivers back to the latest version. Some guy on another forum suggessted this and it worked.
  15. I literally never close tabs - ever. So after an hour of computer use, I end up with like 50 tabs open. Google chrome user.
  16. Oh man, in a perfect world, I'd want a 100% black computer build. Like 100% black. So 100% black that even the 7.1 audio out things are all black and you have to guess (or memorize) which port is which.
  17. I love the Miniox Naos mouse ergnomics. Almost every other mouse makes you awkwardly position your ring finger to get a good feel on the mouse.
  18. jaypro


    I know the Dell Ultrasharp 24 inches (U2410 and U2412M) are both 1920x1200 IPS panels. I can't compare the panel in these to the Asus one because I've never seen the ASUS one, but from personal experience and what I can see in pictures of the ASUS is that the Dell monitor stand is better. The monitor stand Dell uses on their ultrasharps are so nice. Every possible adjustment can be made to them. Height, Swivel, and tilt all feel so nice when adjusting the monitor. Perhaps I'm biased because I have one ultrasharp and one cheap korean monitor stand to compare it to.
  19. The macro footage was a great breath of fresh air. The images are in so much more focus than videos would be and video is so unecessary for things like showing the connectivity of a device. Just plop a picture so we can see the connectivity options for ourselves. For example, when you unbox Video cards, you usually fit all the connection options in 1-2 seconds of video, where if you weren't paying super close attention, you would have missed it. But a picture of the connections would help alot. You can see the DVI ports, the HDMI ports, display ports, etc.
  20. I love my Mionix Naos. Its funny because mice are one of those things where a higher price tag does not directly equate to a better mouse. I've bought so many mice over the years just to try and see if I like them better than my aging Mionix. These expensive mice that have all the flashes and frills just don't do anything for me. Comfort is the first and only priority for me in my mice. (Given that the sensor doesn't suck. 1,000,000 DPI doesn't actually do anything)
  21. Sucks that Corsair only offers Mx-Red keys. My mechanical keyboard I use is the Steelseries 6gv2. (Steelseires 7G if you like the wristrest). It uses MX-black, and it gets rid of the left Windows key. I know some of the new keyboards have fancy drivers and things so you can customize the keyboard and such, but I like the simplicity of plug-and-play and no drivers. But if you don't like no left-windows-key then I'd pick a different keyboard. Though what might be an issue is that they use a non-standard keyboard layout. They have the backwards L shaped Enter, so they use a short Right shift to fit the "|\" key. I got used to it really quick, because honestly, that key is not used that much anyway. The left windows key is replaced by essentially FN which controls your volume and playback controls that are put on the F-keys.
  22. I have a Bitfenix Spectre Pro in my 650D in the front, and from what I understand, the internal layout of the 600T and 650D are the same.
  23. Don't live with 1440x900. You will regret it. It could be the best 1440x900 monitor in the world: IPS, 0ms response time, 1 billion gazillion colors or whatever, and I would still take a cheap 1080p monitor. Also, at 24 inches, some monitors come in 16:10 resolution, 1920x1200, so if you like more vertical space, you can look into that.
  24. When I bought my gaming headset, the quality of the sound was not my first priority. If sound quality is the top priority, I would agree with many of the previous posters to get separate microphones and headsets. However, my top priorities for gaming headsets are different. 1. Comfort 2. Microphone Isolation Originally, I used a USB Webcam microphone and my Audio Technica AD700 headphones for gaming. It was only until I realized at a LAN party that there are some ridiculously comfortable headsets that don't bother your head after hours of gaming. I also realized how important microphone is when gaming. I've gotten lazy over the years and now I often forgo push-to-talk and just use voice-activated. Headsets with two microphones, one pointing towards your mouth and one pointing away do really well at not picking up surrounding noise. I don' t know if you go to LAN parties or not, but it was a great experience for me because I was able to walk around and ask to try other people's headsets to find the most comfortable one. I ended up purchasing the Razer Kraken Pro and in my opinion, it is the most comfortable headset. I can't speak for the quality and durability of the Razer Kraken Pro because I've only had it for a short time, but it is comfortable enough that sometimes after I stop playing games and there is no sound going through the headsets, I am fine just leaving them on my head. Almost all headphones I use, the moemnt they are not in use, I rip them off my head. Why is sound quality not the most important to me in a gaming headset? For music, you can probably appreciate the difference between good headphones and bad headphones, but for gunshots and footsteps? who cares.
  25. Obviously, aesthetics make up a big portion of what makes a case the "BEST" case and aesthetics are 100% preference. So besides aesthetics, there are a few important factors such as compatibility, airflow, ease of building - most of which stems from how the internals of the case is designed. Case manufacturers do a really good job at taking what is good and improving on it, whether it be from their own previous cases or other company cases. Because of this, many of the newer released cases have a lot of cool features and support that old cases just don't have. Examples of this include: large cpu cutouts, removable hard drive cages, less 5.25 bays, support for large graphics card, ample space behind motherboard tray for cable management, cable tie down points at nice positions, better tool-less designs, increased airflow mesh designs, removable intake fan filters. For these types of 'features', that aren't based on aesthetics, I agree with completelyrandomname with Fractal Design Define R4 (Revision 4). Fractal takes a great case and incrementally revises it to be better and better, rather than a release and forget-about it case. The newest Corsair cases, like the 350D and the 900D also are great cases, but the issue I have with Corsair cases is that they do not update them, and are more interested in expanding their market to more form factors rather than improving upon their cases. For example, if you wanted a mid-tower Corsair case, 600T or 650D, etc., Corsair never updated their cases to come with USB 3.0 internal headers.