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  1. vincentiscute

    Iphone X vs S10

    its the s10 version i was actually looking at the pixel 4 xl, it looks like it will be good
  2. vincentiscute

    Iphone X vs S10

    DO NOT BE BIASED TOWARDS ANY PHONE! THANK YOU So i need to know which phone would be better for me: I'm a student who typically is on his phone a lot, i don't play any games just social media and mostly youtube. I listen to music and text with friends. Now, i know iphone is iphone but i have a samsung atm, and ios just looks and feels better. Anybody who is an actual tech guy will know that ios is actually good. I find apples airpods and apple watch as FAR better accessories as samsungs. But i know that the s10 has its nice battery life, and good screen... but ppi is almost the same. I don't need a 2k res, I'm fine with 1080p like the s10e. Im worried about battery life, on the iphone x, i see that almosy every battery test video, the iphone x gets around 5 and a half hours of non stop screen time. But i find that not true, my friends have different experiences with that :P. Ans eveybody says that samsung has custimization but i prefer the layout and style of ios. So i honestly dont know, they both cost around 550 dollars so which one? Thank you for reading
  3. vincentiscute

    Please help me choose!

    Greetings audiophiles! Boy do i have a question for you. I travel a lot, and go to school by foot and i use the public transport to get into my city center. I really like music, specifically The Beatles (dont know if that will help :P) I was wondering if the Surface Headphones would be a good wireless option for me, here it costs 199 EUR. Is it a steal for that price? And would it be good to take it to school or the city in the morning, and then come home and use them on my pc? I dont mind the battery of 15 hours, as i usually bring a battery pack with me. And i heard that the ANC aint that strong, but i dont mind i just need a little isolation. What im worried about is sound quality, everybody says its bad... Thats why i need your help (yes yours), are these headphones any good for the 199 EUR price. If not, please link some good wireless ANC (im fine if its not) headphones around the same price mark. Thank you all, If you can and do have the brain power Please reply to this post, it will be greatly appreciated!
  4. vincentiscute

    S10e vs S10

    Greeting to all! Im trying to figure out which phone i should get, its between the S10 or S10e... I'm fine with both sizes, i'm fine with the fact that if i get the s10e then i won't have a optical zoom. My priority is the battery, which one will will last longer? As well as the fingerprint scanner, is the ultrasonic any good? I understand that the s10 has the bigger battery, but that doesn't always mean it lasts longer, for intense the better screen res will drain the batter and so on. I read that the ultrasonic fingerprint is super bad, not fast and not reliable... is this true? Thank you to anyone that will help me out with my problem Peace!
  5. vincentiscute

    Which phone should i get: Note 9 S10e

    Hey dizmo, which phone is better if i want to use it daily, they both cost the same here and i cant decide. I dont mind having a big phone, but a small one is nice :). I know what specs they have but im wondering which one is better in a "day in the life" with both phones
  6. So, i can't decide between the Note 9 and S10e... although they are meant for two different types of users, i see them both as a good phone. But everywhere when i look for a review, one said bad battery life and the other says great... so i dont know. I use my phone quite a lot, and i enjoy both big and small screen types. The curve on the note is fine, but i prefer the flat one. Could you guys please help?
  7. vincentiscute

    Rainbow Six Siege Crashes when game is "creating squad"

    No it doesnt, it also says it in the description
  8. I have just installed R6S after like 2 months and this is my problem: I launch the game normally from steam and wait for the credits to roll "or i skip em'" but i noticed that that the game freezes for 1 second every like 10 seconds. I go to set my graphics and look for a casual game. Im happy i found a game and it starts the loading screen and when it says at the bottom left "Creating Squad" it freezes and after a couple of seconds it crashes without an error. My other games run really well with no problems... so i dont know whats wrong GTX 1050 Ti 4gb 16Gb RAM i5-7300HQ
  9. vincentiscute

    Live For Speed, HTC Vive Problem

    Anybody got ideas?
  10. vincentiscute

    Live For Speed, HTC Vive Problem

    HTC, says in the title
  11. vincentiscute

    Live For Speed, HTC Vive Problem

    Yea for both the game and vr, ive had vr for 3 years now
  12. vincentiscute

    Live For Speed, HTC Vive Problem

    I just downloaded LFS and was excited to try vr... when i go click on the "Ok" button for the 3D VR mode it says: "AcceptedSharedTexture: OpenSharedResource failed" please help!
  13. vincentiscute

    Forza Hrozion 4 PC Bad Graphics

    Thanks, will try... what settings should I change? Ill try the AA ones and so on
  14. vincentiscute

    Forza Hrozion 4 PC Bad Graphics

    Anybody figure something out?
  15. vincentiscute

    Forza Hrozion 4 PC Bad Graphics

    I don't use the dynamic settings, but the problem isn't frames, the problem is the graphics... Ultra graphics looks literally like low... any ideas?