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  1. https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000203864226.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.40323d2bb6hzkK&algo_pvid=701caa9b-8350-41df-ba1c-79624af55a50&algo_expid=701caa9b-8350-41df-ba1c-79624af55a50-0&btsid=3cdb1704-b810-43e4-9242-a220c1848abe&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_53 Now you can buy with english menus - and make a BENCHMARK video please - The 70" REDMI 4K TV that sold 15 million units in 15 minutes. I will not buy it with that price, but when and if it become closer to the chinese one, I will think about it.
  2. NFORTEC Hydrus V2 e Hydrus RGB are new cheap solutions. Perhaps LTT will do a video about it.
  3. Suggestions: 1.- I would love to read the budget by parts on screen and at the youtube notes. 2.- I would love to watch an Open Media Vault vs FreeNAS benchmark for this and other NAS 3.- I would like to watch SOHO NAS configurations, and benchmarks from those made with rk3399 boards to latest low spec x86 computers to those that are WiFi hard drives with battery vs DIY solutions All of that with budget benchmarking tips and tricks, and some virtual machines, containers and services as Nextcloud in a OMV container I think once a month something about SOHO NAS would be great as your public are SOHO users. Thanks in advance for taking into consideration these suggestions and thanks for your informing while entertaining videos
  4. MITIGATIONS (=off) mitigations=off (Lignux and wine) and UNPLUGGED from the internet vs mitigations=auto (lignux and wine) vs MS WOS 10 (mitigations on) For video RENDERING, with Davinci, KDEnlive and Adobe in wine - if possible - Perhaps rendering is far better now in Lignux with mitigations=off in Intel machines than in MS WOS or Mac OS (or not) but is worth a video to explain it. And explain also what is the average performance lose - I read from 40% to "only" 15% - in Intel CPUs and AMD, next to none. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=sandy-fx-zombieload&num=8
  5. mitigations=off (without internet) vs on in Manjaro Lignux with this same CPUs as now Intel is 40% worse after mitigations. Plus, of course, MS WOS and wine. Perhaps some games performance and video editing and rendering performance increases with Intel make worth to play - or render - wine - or Lignux native games or video editing software - offline and with mitigations=off, as it is 66% faster (60%x1.66=100) much more than any overclock
  6. I have just watched this video about the same theme in Spanish but you can use subtitles and is better
  7. I would love a video about Hygon Dhyana SoC As I have been reading the news but not benchmarking reviews or prices about it.
  8. I miss a much better script. This kind of product can be found at affordable prices since 2017 AOC I1601FWUX 15.6" Full HD IPS 159 € in Amazon Spain. (without battery, but you can use a power bank) And not only are better than tablets, they are cheaper and the battery last more - 2h playing in my cheap tablets - as your phone usually have better performance, and you renew it more often You would be able to make - and still can - some phone battery benchmarks playing without the phone screen use vs with the phone screen use. And as the screen is battery hungry, probably you can play more than twice with your phone. And some price benchmark between buying a new good tablet each 2 years or this, that perhaps last 3 o more years in good shape. Also I would like so see a Raspebrry Pi vs a Pine64 and some other boards or TV Boxes android and liGNUx compatibles attached to this screens, with tape or velcro and have some benchmark between the few models available, from ASUS and AOC Even some NUC or Mac Mini that would be powered by affordable and portable 20A power banks ASUS MB169B 223 € without battery and MB16AP 344 € . What I wrote, same product review, more thinking and writing. And it is always funny and interesting - great mix - to watch you, but everything can be improved a bit. PS: Thanks a lot your video discovered me this kind of products, I did search before not finding them so cheap and I will never buy a tablet any more. I have just had other idea: DIY How to recycle an old tablet to this kind of device - if it is possible - . .
  9. I love your shows, tech news with a smile, and a great tone. Thanks a lot I miss more LiGnux inside any test - and people watched a lot your LiGnux videos - I mean MS WOS plus LiGnux test when you show any activity as this video editing one. My question is: Why not also test also DAVINCI with LiGnux and some other software? Perhaps in other video Also I think LG would appreciate a video about what is the minimum 1080p and 4k configuration for video production with GPUs CPUs OSs and software tested, Davinci in MS WOS LiGnux and Mac OS (the VT pass through setup you built can help to test the 3 OSs in the same VT with the same CPU / GPU) And for the price performance I bet that an actual 500 - 600 USD AMD APU computer with DAVINCI and LiGnux can edit 1080p video, and even if it is any other under 999 USD computer (without monitor mouse and keyboard) a video with a "EDITING 1080p professional VIDEO with a under 999 USD computer is now possible" would have a lot of views