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  1. JB567

    Zotac ZBOX MAGNUS EN970 Giveaway

    The small form factor would make it great for a HTPC or gaming platform
  2. JB567

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    The keyboard, because nothing beats a clean keyboard with MX Browns for gaming or working
  3. oh, derp, I didn't know it was a two card slot, sorry to waste your time Thanks, JB567
  4. here is a picture of me putting as close as I can to the pcie port
  5. the PCIE slot is the blue one, so I attempted to put it in there, (the top one)
  6. I attempted to put it in the blue slot, however the case did not want to let it go in, as it did not line up with the PCI Plates
  7. Hi, I am new to building PCs and have managed to salvage some parts from my educational institute, chiefly a MoBo, RAM, CPU and HDD (asrock n68-s3 ucc, AMD Athlon X2, Seagate 80GB HDD). However I have attempted to mix it with my new computer components I have purchased (FSP Group Aurum 750M, Corsair Carbide 400R and EVGA GeForce GTX770). However when I attempted to put the GPU in it the GPU slot did not line up with any of the PCI- end slots, is this an issue with my mounting, or the card itself. Many Thanks, JB567