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  1. I already have a 2x8 kit and im gonna need another 2x8 so i can have 32gb, at the time i bought i didn't know about all the compatibility issues with even slightly different DIMM's
  2. I'm looking to pair two separate kits (2x8 + 2x8 = 32Gb) with my new Ryzen 7 2700x with maybe an Asus Crosshair VII Hero, some Aorus Gaming 7 or those good ol' X470 will there be a problum? Details of the DIMM's in image below:
  3. So guys, i just upgraded my iMac RAM in the following way: 2 (pre-installed) Elpida DIMM's 4gb + 2 (new) Crucial 8gb DIMM's for a total of 24 Gb with all the compatibility specs i could find (Haven't done any benchmarks) [First Image Below]. And its working like a charm, i can now have 5 plus apps opened including LR and PS and switch between them (which is what i wanted) memory pressure in activity monitor is on the floor compared to old 8 gb being always to high with just Lightroom and Photoshop opened, i see workload in PS is not stealing so much from de Hard Drive, files take the same time to save but that's because this is the same ol' 7200RPM HDD but ill be fine with that. Closing multiple programs now is too much faster and that was the most annoying thing happening to me before upgrading. I assigned 45% of memory to Photoshop, increased Cache levels to 8 and history states to 75 as i do a lot of brushing to my retouching, no problemo working with the 46 mp files even at 4.5 gb file size (with a couple of layers tho) Now, why the system is not giving me problems if the new kit of RAM Memory is so different from the preinstalled one, considering this as a 6+ years old machine? i thought there would be a problem, is it becasue OSX (El Crapitan) is optimizing in some way? Is it because it's DDR3 and such low Frecuency dont stress the Processor with such slot population? Is it because it's Intel platform? I bought 16Gb kit (2x8) CAS18 3200Mhz (idk single or dual rank tho9 [Details in the second image below] for my new (under construction) PC Rig and it will be a Ryzen Third generation system (But lets assume i buy a Motherboard for 2nd gen Ryzen (lets say Asus Crosshair VII Hero X470 - one of the best in its category, and lets say i buy a R7 2700x just for the sake of realism as Ryzen 3000 isn't launched yet)... Do you think there'll be a problem if i jut buy the same kit of 2x8 as before, populate the 4 slots of RAM and works just as fine as this? i am totally aware i'm working Dual-Channel here. Thanks, @ch3w2oy, @Bearmann, @badreg, @Origami Cactus, @Brink2Three, @GrockleTD
  4. Ok so i better buy it soon right? Also, did you mean wisest* or sisest there? (Not an english talker myself)
  5. So i bought a 2x sticks of RAM kit 8gb DDR4 3200Mhz from Hyper X Fury Black, but now i relalize im going to need more since i will be doing heavy work on Photoshop and multitasking with 46 mp images on my new build, will it work if i add 2 extra sticks with the same voltage, same speed and model number? i bought my sticks about a month and a half ago and those seems to be the same although i dont know. Images below show the same model reference for both kits, the one i bought and the one i'm willing to buy on Amazon. Will it be performance loss or very little benefit from adding ram this way?
  6. Thanks for responding guys. ch3w2oy, i see your rig is listed below your comment, and i see you're using a Ryzen System, nice setup BTW, i couldn'd afford a Titanium Seasonic myself and just bought the Platinum one. I just read an article from a Photographer talking about recommending at least 32 gb RAM grouped in 2 sticks of 16 gbs ram (as most of the MoBo's for mainstream sockets as AM4 and LGA1151 available cap at 64 RAM support, it makes sense to group sticks that way). So i bought 2x8gb Ram sticks at 3200 Mhz, is there a problam purchasing another 2 sticks of the same RAm and upgrading to 32Gb? I know those sockets just support dual channul memory and if one uses the 4 slots it lowers the clock speed of the sticks. Did i made a bad decision?
  7. My main goal when building my future system is longevity, im waiting for those Ryzen cus Intel and Nvidia Prices may drop (and im going Nvidia all day long no matter the cost) but also there's a rumored 12 core near-5ghz AMD processor, i was actually putting my eye on the i7 9700k (recomended by Puget for Photo work BTW). So you recommend me Intel over AMD for my main work right?
  8. Yes, for my next rig i already bought one Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME M.2 for windows and PS, plus a WD Blue M.2 for scratch or caching.
  9. My PS Performance configuration is set as images show below, those are the tweaks i did, note that until this point i was working with default settings.
  10. Well, about this, i tweaked a little bit photoshop performance settings, assigned an External Scratch disk and i'm getting 100% efficiency right at the file openning with 4 layers (3 curves with masking and one transparent of healing brush work)
  11. Just don't laugh at me guys XD, as i'm just holding my ass for those incoming Ryzen 3000 and building a new Rig with Noctua Cooler and tons of RAM already bought, is just i need to deliver Photos and bussiness is doing well so...
  12. So im a photographer and im working with this 46 MP camera producing 41-53 mb files, my workflow consists on Photoshop and Lightroom, Firefox, iTunes + some other app at the same time, iMac used to do well with 16 mp sized images but these new 46mp files are just massive specially when converted to tiff and turning into 400mb - 3gb files on PS layers and stuff. Computer go Slow as s*** while switching between apps. (Though i'm using a 1tb hdd 7200rpm which i know it's not ideal for PS cache or saving big files but thats another lack of performance i know i'm not gonna get fixed) . So im thinking about a RAM upgrade but i don't know if this will turn my workflow at least a tad better, i know im working on a 7 Year old machine. Based on my research, Photoshop and Lightroom don't use so much GPU and the Processors on these Apps are used mainly to export-import, and i dont have any problem with these tasks (i ignore so much things about this, i'm sorry). I'm currently using the standard 8 gb of RAM coming out of the box, in case Ram benefits my case, should i upgrade to 16 (adding 8 more) or go straight 32 with brand new units? Thanks for the advice. iMac 27" Late 2012 (First slim iMac, entry level) Intel Core i5 2.9Ghz 8Gb 1600 MHz DDR3 memory Nvidia Geforce GTX 660M 512 1Tb 7200RPM Hard Drive
  13. Thanks for the advice, and by the way, isn't there a chance of an AMD Motherboard tierlist Bible like this one for the 2700x? Where does these tierlists publish usually, im also interested in the future bible for Zen 2 chips. Cheers
  14. I'm down with the Aorus z390 Pro Wifi, do you think Intel and the MoBo companies decide to drop prices after the arrival of Ryzen 3xxx Series given that they have not plans to launch any new processors soon? Should i just buy the board right now or wait?