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  1. You should be OK performance-wise if MacOS supports your igfx natively. You'd have to get creative with your setup though because once you enable GPU passthrough you won't see your host system any more. I'd try to run an SSH server or something, and control it remotely.
  2. You probably don't have the latest QEMU and need to edit the hackintosh.xml. Replace pc-i440fx-3.1 with pc-i440fx-2.9. Then make a backup of the QEMU-VARS.fd, delete the virtual device, restore the backup, and import the XML file again. Yes. Add two devices: Graphics and Video. Set Video to Virtio, disable 3D acceleration. Set Display to Spice, set listen type to None. One more thing they don't tell you: before you start the installation, you need to create a third storage medium where the actual OS will be installed. Make a SATA device with at least 60 GB.