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    Ryzen 5 3400g
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    Aorus x570 Elite
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    2x8 GB Corsair Vengeance 3200
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    Powercolour Red Devil RX570 4gb
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    Coolermaster H500p Mesh
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    Samsung LC27JG52QQUXEN
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    Dark Rock Pro 4 (with kryonaught)
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    Reddragon k552
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    Cheap Tecknet (bought in bundle)
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    Logitech G430
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    Windows 10 pro (unacltivated)

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  1. If you want something reasonably cheap the know the Audio-Technica ATH-M50X are decent, if you need a mic attached to you headset then get a mod mic. If not get a stand-alone mic and put it on a boom arm
  2. Yeah but if you wanted to cool all of it it would require a full monoblock, wouldn’t it ? And at that point you might as well just put a full custom loop in the vacuum with the rad(s) outside and decent hardware, which would be a risk because it would be a waste if it was destroyed, but there isn’t many low end boards that support mono blocks, at least I can’t think of any.
  3. Yeah definitely, or use low power components so the vrm’s and such don’t need any cooling, like a 200ge on a b350 board at stock speeds they should be fine, as my friend removed the heat sinks completely if the vrms for a custom water block he made and didn’t want to test it on high end hardware and the didn’t go above 55c in a fanless case
  4. Yes but that’s not the point, I think what he meant was could the pc survive and run normally in a vacuum if it is properly cooled but i don’t know if there is a way unless you run a radiator outside the chamber which would require extra sealing and would make it overall less stable, but then again they would need to run the cables out anyway.
  5. Yeah I guess so, but I just thought of something. Remember the watercooling with concrete video, the concrete absorbed a lot of the heat before it had the chance to even get to a radiator. What if that were to be put in a vacuum, then I would think that the only point of failure would be the actual pc and not just the heat.
  6. What about a custom water loop, because some rads cool enough without fans
  7. Ok finished a time spy run with these scores 3400G - 4263 Rx 570 4GB - 3907 Overall score - 3956 Tell me if this is a normal score for these parts
  8. The noise appeared in game, so i have ruled out coil whine and i blasted the 11 fans in my system at 100% and the i didnt hear the sound (i have bequite fans so there not that load at 100% so i would have been able to hear the noise). Also its wasnt a continuous buzz it was every 20-45 seconds and lasted about 3, and it sounded like the plastic mesh stuff you see on some fan/pwm cables but i velcrto tied some back a bit further and the problem is now solved. I just about to run a stress test just incase so i will update this form if it crashes
  9. I already have the new driver unstalled and the noise has went away so i think im fine, but if i do get more problems thats the first thing i will do. Thanks !
  10. Not overclocked, it was at 68c in gta v when i heard a noise and when it crashed was 20 mins later after a full shutdown and im getting the new adrenaline drivers rn
  11. This was my bsod code VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE What Failed: atikmpag.sys What does this mean, i was trying to figure out a noise that my pc was making, thinking that it was a cable in a fan or something but when i turned it back on i logged in, tried to click on msi afterburner in the system tray and it froze, and gave me those codes
  12. So basically i run a small gaming channel on youtube and stream sometimes, but all in 1440p 60fps, so the file sizes are huge and in one session i could get 2+ hours worth of footage, so i need a hard drive(s) with a good price:storage ratio. If it would be beneficial to run multiple drives in raid then let me know, i just need a cheap drive to put footage on and store the finished videos, as my 500gb Samsung 970 evo plus is running low on space, and speed is not a priority.
  13. Ok i guessed that the watermark would still be present, i just wanted to double check if it even works at all.