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  1. i am using a redmi note 7 and i have to say that image quality especcially witch gcam is great no complaints there the note 8T should be even better since its newer. one thing you have to look out for is that not all redmi phones have nfc if you care about that. but other than that you can't do much wrong with a redmi note. since the note 7 all redmi notes have usb type c. be aware though that there is also a redmi without the note wich isn't smaller but has just got worse specs like 720p screen more plastic and worse camera. XG BC
  2. I 100% agree with you i dont even know why you need such an expensive phone when most users only use them for social media and webbrowsing. you aren't going to need a flagship processor for that neither are you going to need a 4k display. I have a lower midrange phone myself with the snapdragon 660. My goal when buying a phone is to get the most performance with as little money as possible i dont want to spend like 1000$ on a phone thats going to be obsolete a few years later anyway. intresting in germany or atleast the part of where i live in these phones are really unknown and everyone mostly has either samsung, iphone huawei (pre ban) or honor. the "cheap" options dont look that compelling either they often have plastic backs and are wayyy to expensive for what you get. thats why i would never buy a phone from a store. I bougt a redmi note 7 global last year ( was upgrading from an iphone 4s) and it felt great and not cheap atall XG BC
  3. that explains everything thanks a lot XG BC
  4. i was just concerned because you said the feature would be implemented based on manufacturers and since huawei doesnt use google play services anymore and that they wont even bother to implement it on huawei.
  5. Why are you guys just looking at "mainstream" brands like samsung, apple and motorola. the xiaomi mi 10 can be had for like 530€ from where i am and thats from a german seller. you are just looking in the wrong place. XG BC
  6. Thanks for the alternatives i already know these personally i have used ShareMi alot but i just wanted to try googles "airdrop" out. It just annoyed me that they didnt give me like an automated message saying "thank you for testing this feature will come out soon" or something similar. But anyways thanks for the clarification and help! does that mean that i will never get it since the newer huawei devices dont have google play services anymore that would be a bummer XG BC
  7. perhaps if you want wear os have a look at the xiaomi mi watch aswell. it looks very similar to the apple watch and oppo watch.
  8. So i have an android phone ( redmi note 7 android 10 ) and an android tablet ( HUAWEI mediapad M3 lite 10 with android 7.1) and i have installed the play services beta today in order to get nearby sharing ( just to try it out how it works and stuff ) and for some reason after like an hour the feature just "dissapeared" on my tablet but not my phone. the shortcut in the notification shade was still there but functionless and there was no mention of it in the google settings page anymore. I know this is a beta but why do they just remove a perfectly working feature without any note on why and leave remnants of it in the notification shade. If any of you have experienced something similar or have an explenation on why and how to fix this write a reply. Also if im in the wrong subforum please excuse me i didnt know where to post this in and this subforum seemed right XGBC
  9. Hey Guys So i've got this old doro 8040 phone from my grandpa (he has got a new one) that is glitching because of its os and i would like to flash a custom rom on it. it is not my primary phone or anything so i just want to thinker around with it. i know i can root it but i sadly cant find a custom rom for it. maybe there isnt one because it is a not "mainstream" brand like samsung, lg, oneplus. so if any of you guys can find a custom rom to flash on it thx! XG BC
  10. i found multiple i 5 ideapad flex 14 ones but none wit the ryzen
  11. yea it says Tastatur, schwarz – Englisch (GB) wich translates to keyboard,black - english (GB)
  12. these have qwerty keyboards we have qwertz ones here in germany i would always type an z instead of an y nad vice versa
  13. i said i wanted something smaller not larger and i specifficaly want a 2in1 because i like to use it as a tablet and not just a clamshell laptop
  14. i now found this one:https://www.lenovo.com/de/de/laptops/ideapad/ideapad-flex-series/IdeaPad-Flex-5-14ARE-05/p/88IPF501453 i saldly cant find any offers on the ryzen 5 model wich would be ideal
  15. thank you this helped me really much im still open for suggestions tho