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  1. There are the obvious benefits that come with an RTX card, even a fast-ish paced game like RSS would be much more (in my opinion) nicer to play with RTX on, but then again using the RTX features will decrease framerates drasticaally.
  2. Thank you, however my new humble self would never try such a thing
  3. Its all about those mind-fps ya know
  4. Guess I can settle with what I've got. It's good to be humble and honest you are right. Never thought I'd come to the LTT forums for moral guidance but it looks like I found some.
  5. I used a VS550 to power a decently specced gaming PC for a few years, temps were good and I have nothing bad to say about it (or the VS series in general). I only upgraded because someone gave me a 1100 XStrike unit for free.
  6. Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you guys knew how to make windows think I have a 2080ti or 5700XT (or at least something better than my irritating "friend" has in his PREBUILT PC). He isn't very knowledgeable so screen sharing task manager through discord is sufficient enough to convince him. I assume this is possible because people on Wish sell fake cards all the time. Thanks in advance
  7. Yup, as far as I know these two components will be compatible. Good luck with the build
  8. Ok got it thanks for the help!
  9. Ok thank you guys, honestly this is the best community I ever joined. You answered in like a minute.
  10. I'm in the UK and my budget is like £75, I use a 1080p 60Hz monitor. I tested Fortnite and Apex Legends and will mostly play them and CS:GO.
  11. I recently built a system with an i5-660 Cpu, an AMD Radeon 5870 1GB (ever so slightly over-clocked), 16GB DDR3 and an HP 'MSI' OEM motherboard. I've got a VS550 PSU if that helps. I have recently installed some games and have noticed that my Cpu is almost always at 100% in game but my Gpu is normally around 20%. This is a Cpu bottleneck for sure?! But bottleneck calculators say there isn't a bottleneck. As you can tell this is a budget build so I need to fix this cheaply. Does anyone have any ideas for any Cpu's I could use?