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    Pub, Basic PC Building, BMX


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    Ryzen 7 1700x (212 Black Evo Cooler Push)
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    B450 F Gaming ROG
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    8GB Hyperx Predator RGB 3200Mhz (OC)
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    Saphire Pulse Rx Vega 56 8GB
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    Corsair 750D Airflow Edition
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    260gb SSD Sandisc Ultra 2
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    750W EVGA GQ Gold Semi-Modular
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    40' Sharp 60hz HDTV
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    4x 140MM 2x120mm Corsair AF
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    Corsair K40
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    Logitec Optical
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    Realtek HD
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    Windows 10 64x

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  1. @flibberdipper im aware of that but i wasnt sure if it was a good idea to do so, i can use 4 singles or 8 duals on plug wise, so are you saying i can use 1 cable for both sockets?
  2. @pizapower you are one strange person lol sorry i couldnt do more ha
  3. @mariushm thank you that made alot of sence, i think i will go for just getting another sATA SSD for my "week transfers" thank you all for this
  4. @Enderman even with its minimum a 750? whatabout the amps is that safe? ive never had a Graphics card with a 8 pin let alone two of them, ive only ever had "mid range" that only needed a single 6 pin
  5. @Deli so would you recomend just spending the money on a bigger sATA SSD and using my old boot drive as a "middle" insted?
  6. this it the third post ive done tonight on comp stuff and im always full of questions and this isnt a dupe. on my saphire pulse vega 56 8gb it has 2 8pin connections and i have it plugged with 2 seperate power cables an its ungly as hell i have a 750W EVGA GQ Gold Semi-Modular and i watched alot of youtube, mainly linustechtips and jaystwocents and they both always seem to use a seperate cable for each socket but im wondering would it be safe to use just ONE cable to power both sockets, they do have another cable on them but i wasnt sure so i put 1 cable per socket,
  7. @Deli i do move large files (up to 40gb sometimes) but thats from HDD as ive had to shift them from my current SSD but i have always wanted to have a SSD as my "This Week" drive this is why im asking would it make much diff if i got a NVME, as moving from SSD to NVME and vise versa would be much quicker whic is what i need, sorry i call it NVME its just that how i know my two sockets as they (acording to the manal) wont take the older gen M2 its a B450 if that helps, my bios is up to date too, latest is april this year, this is a new thing to me so please bear with me
  8. im sure this has been asked ALOT and if it has can i be pointed in the right direction, if not... i have Two NVME slots on my MB and i was wondering if it would be worth the 90 GBP to get a 256GB to replace my SSD which is plugged via sATA cable, many say i wont see a proformance differnce as i use my system for games and alot of browsing (mainly youtube), so would it be worth it or should i just use the money to buy a bigger SSD as mine is 240 an its a Sandisc Ultra II, just seems a shame to buy a snazzy new MB and not use the new sockets as i want to in the long run abloish my HDD out of the system as its in the way of my fans, so was thinking of putting it into a external for the time being but not untill i im sure what to do with the SSD i have as if getting the NVME is better ill use my 240SSD for my most common games, 4 years on and its only lost 2%health
  9. when im given "infected" systems what i do myself is take the drive out and plug it into my external then set my Avast to do a boot scan but set to "removable devices" so when i boot my system it reads the external first and if i need to run windows i use a USB Windows and have my SSD and HDD unplugged, so all it can do is scan the "only drive" there, so far in doing that ive got in a guess a 8/10 on that, i do have a second USB but with Malwarebytes and it seems to kill whatever is on the "infected" device, even fixed a andriod SD card once, how a virus got on that i dont know but i do know it "killed it", but as said that what i do, everyone is different. p.s ccleaner is the best (Y) free and simple
  10. ide send it back and change who you buy from tbh, thats a hell of alot just for a lappy and i have a friend who uses his for massive 3d renders, he broke his warrenty cause it was cheaper just to buy a ssd and a extra 4gb chip than it would of cost him to send it back, 2 year later an hes still pushing the old girl, now with a external GPU but still, if that was me ide send it back as said and just buy a base unit with what i needed longing it was above what i needed.
  11. @nick name didnt really awnser what i asked
  12. i have hyperx predator memory at present running just 1 stick of 8GB but i will be getting a second this week but my question is is the xmp better than just the 3200 boost i had it set to before hand on CPUZ my readings are (before selecting XMP) Dram Frq - 1595 Mhz FSB:DRAM - 1:16 CL - 18 tRCD - 22 tRP - 22 tRas - 52 tRAS - 52 tRAC -74 CR - 1T With XMP FSB:DRAM - 1:16 CL - 16 tRCD - 18 tRrp - 18 tRas - 36 tRAS - 36 tRAC -74 CR - 1T im aware lower is better but is this better?
  13. UPDATE: i tried my 600W and i had a massive coil whine from it so i tried a mates 700W (not sure what it was but it had 2 seperate power plugs for my pluse, the coild whine was still there but alot lower than before so i went with a 750W in the end, NO COIL WHINE, and it is powered by 2 seperate cables, so thank you @GoldenLag for your advice but my rig clearly didny like anything lower than 700 for whatever reason, true what they say, the Vega's are hungry. with the 750W i have no whine at all, not even at full chat, :S thought ide nip by and just update :)
  14. I failed to mention I was getting some extra 2 tb 7200rpm drives too so that’s why I’m gonna opt for the 650w
  15. Think I’ll go for the 650 as least with that I’ll have some headroom to power any future parts of the RGB strips I was going to go for