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  1. so you're saying that I should buy more fan splitters? my mobo can't carry that much fans? alr
  2. yeah I will be planning to set up 3 fans infront 1 or 2 in the back. my fan is a deepcool RF 120R Mobo: b450m-HDV (planned to upgrade soon)
  3. Have any of you experienced that? Imagine you spent all of that money you saved from years ago, on a PC that can run any game above 100FPS, high settings, on 4K, but then you realized you have no games on your library. Then you have to save even more money to spend on demanding games. Let me know down there
  4. Right, so basically in your experience, how was the quietness of your PC? Also, you're saying I can overclock on all 4 cores to 3.7ghz with temperatures below 70C? Wow, not bad
  5. So, im willing to overclock the CPU hopefully 3.8ghz-4ghz (not sure yet), will it be okay for the wraith stealth? How loud will it be? I really don't wanna risk this tbh
  6. Alright, so I have a can of compressed air ready, I'm gonna use it for cleaning my PC, which I will be doing a few months later. First time I'm having a PC. But the only part I'm confused about cleaning it is the CPU Heatsink. I have a Deepcool Gammaxx 300R right now. So how will I strategically spray air into mine right now? Without damaging the system, obviously. Is it the same as cleaning your case fans? (Which to do so, you need to hold the blades and spray it) Or is it a different case? Let me know In the description
  7. Basically, this one is the cheapest wireless adapter, according to the seller's website. It isn't a PCIe, instead it's a form of USB. And it comes with 150mbps of internet speed, to know more here's the website: Buy TP - Link 150 Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter - TL -WN725N (Nano USB) https://tokopedia.link/bJCWnWddbY Anyways I wanna use my PC for Gaming and internet browsing, although I don't really stream too much. I do those things on a 1080p monitor
  8. Ok, this may be a dumb and old question, but do I really need a speaker at all? If not, how will I hear sounds? Will the monitor have pre-built speakers? What about the motherboard? I'm going insane thinking about this question that came to my mind out of nowhere. Any suggestions?
  9. Well... Unfortunately my CPU cooler isn't a tower. If you would like to know, my cooler is Deepcool Gammaxx 300. I mean if I run out of options I can buy the Deepcool Ice blade 200M instead. A tower-looking one that has similar performance as the Gammaxx 300
  10. What if I remove the one in the bottom, and place it in the rear? Would that make any major difference? Y'know, instead of the one in the top?
  11. Well, here are my specs GPU: PowerColor RX 570 Red Dragon 4GB DDR5 CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g Motherboard: X370M-Pro4 Power Supply: be quiet! System Power 9 400w 80+ Storage: WDC Blue 1TB Ram: Klevv DDR4 BOLT X Series 3200mhz Case: I would suggest you to scroll up Extras: CPU Cooler: Deepcool Gammaxx 300 Pretty much, my build is just a simple low-budget PC, not too good but at least I can run most 1080p titles. This is my first build though
  12. So, I got a new case that includes 3 fans (since I can't buy more because I'm a little out of my budget) Here I'm really confused about which fan and where to put each of them. So I'm here again to ask you guys some unintelligent question. Do I really need to put another fan in the back? In case if I do, the only option there is to put the 2 infront and 1 in back, simple. But do I have to?? Any answer will be tolerated and appreciated *P.S. That picture of my case is actually from the retailer's site. You can also check it out here: Beli CUBE GAMING VARDE & 3 PCS RAINBOW BOREALIS FAN https://tokopedia.link/SOiVVrBxTX di toko distributorkomputer Rp449.000 di Tokopedia Sekarang! *P.S.S. Just so you know, I live in Indonesia right now.
  13. Hello! Personally I don't really trust FSP itself, I can't really say it in words but, I don't see it being trustworthy and reliable, maybe it's just me. But what has gotten me to ask this question is that it has a 5 year warranty, AND it is ridiculously cheap. *Yeah also I'm looking for a budget Power Supply. But I'm not entirely sure about the quality that this model has though That's why I need you guys to help me
  14. Motherboard: X370M-Pro4 Ram: V-Gen Tsunami 3000mhz Dual Channel DDR4 (8Gb)