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  1. I am buying from the US and I don not have a preference in battery and weight
  2. I've been trying to pick a laptop for over a month now and everytime I become overwhelmed! And I'll admit a lot of the specs go over my head... But basically what I'm looking for is a sleeker designed laptop, around 1100 dollars with a nice looking screen, okay build quality, and competitive specs I don't need RTX, or anything to fancy at the moment either, if it's going to significant increase the price if the system. Any recommendations?
  3. Yes, I am from the US I do not have any preference for weight, and as far as battery life goes I don't need much since it will likely spend most of it's time in a outlet So the answer is no, I have no preference for either
  4. Ohhhh that certainly looks promising! I'll look into it! Thank you for the feedback!
  5. Ohhhh that certainly looks promising! I'll look into it! Thank you for the feedback!
  6. Hello! My old laptop is pretty much dead (its 6/7ish years old and spends most its battery turning on) and I'm heading to college soon, I was looking to buy a laptop in new or used condition for around 1000$ USD that would be good for both gaming and video editing. I do like a nice keyboard and a solid feeling build, and my only real big deal breaker is I don't like 'gamer' looking devices (I might need to use it in public and I always feel a bit silly with something more bulky then elegant) I would prefer a high refresh rate to a higher resolution display, and I don't mind buying refurbished if I can save some money. The ability to upgrade would be appreciated though not at all a deal breaker for me and I don't need a touch sensitive screen (frankly I'll just end up using my keyboard and mouse anyway). So what would be your recommendation for the best sleek laptop, in used or new condition, at around $1000 USD, that could best fulfill a smooth gaming and good video editing? Thank you for your time! x3