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  1. Actually my budget. Below $50. I've ordered mamba elite btw.
  2. Oh I'll edit that. Thanks buddy. Sorry for my English, English is not my first language.
  3. yes, most of feedback are also positive.
  4. Anyone know if these Razer products are real? Razer Mamba Elite Razer Deathadder Elite
  5. Hi guys, I need a help from you. Which one is the best budget gaming mouse between these 2? ? Razer Deathadder Elite Cooler Master MM711
  6. Is this website secure to link our steam account?https://rocket-league.com/trading
  7. But currently only those headset models available in our retail shops.
  8. Hello guys, Which one is the best budget gaming headset among these? HYPERX CLOUD STINGER - $64 CORSAIR HS50 - $64 MSI DS502 - $53 LOGITECH G231 - $64 ASUS CERBERUS V2 - $64
  9. Does Superlux headphone better than these two?
  10. Hi guys, Which budget gaming headset is the best one between these two? MSI DS501 VS Corsair HS35.
  11. Hello guys, Kaspersky VS Bitdefender Which one is the best antivirus software between these two?
  12. Thanks, but that's brand a little hard to find in our local shops.
  13. 860 EVO is cheaper than Adata SU800.?
  14. Hi, SAMSUNG 860 EVO VS KINGSTON A400 What is the main difference between these two? Which one is worth for gaming? (mainly for the RUST) Is 860 EVO worth the extra money? (860 EVO is 5000 rupees expensive than the Kingston one)
  15. Guys, Does anyone know how to update old Samsung motherboard bios? (Zeus 60 r1 05g)
  16. Hello friends, I want to buy a 24-inch monitor. I have chosen four 24-inch budget monitor models. Asus VZ249H - $150.16 BENQ GW2470HL - $133.67 BENQ GW2480 - $150.73 SAMSUNG C24F390FHW - $153.57 (These prices are retail prices in our ordinary shops.) So which one is THE BEST among those?