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  1. Me and my brother are designing a TCG game (with my school's art club) and we need to print on card stock. My art teacher says that laser may be better for the text part but for the image reproduction a inkjet would be a better choice. Should I split the job between the two printers? Or just use either one? *please note this project is a school art project (we are being graded by the art teacher)
  2. Thanks for the advice I'll let my brother know and see what he says, about switching to Intel. Hmm that could become an issue but we do play Mario party on the weekends
  3. My family plays a lot of Nintendo Switch, playstation, emulator and e-sports games and watch movies/animes. So me and my brother decided to do an entertainment system that can almost everything in a system. Monitor :??? Case : Silverstone RVZ03-W (my brother's old case from his "ghost build") CPU : Ryzen 3600 6 core 12 threads (on backorder) Motherboard : MSI B450I Gaming ac wifi (from my brother's "ghost" rig) R.A.M : G.skill Trident Z RGB Royal 3200mhrz cl 14 16gb silver (from my brother's "ghost" rig) Graphics Card :??? Adata nvme ssd 512gb (os/steam/emulator/idsa controllers) - (from "ghost" rig) Crucial MX500 1tb ssd (games/videos) - (from "ghost" rig) HGST 2tb 2.5 inch hdd ( Emulated games) - (bought yesterday) Corsair SF700 Platinum (bought it yesterday on sale) o (wireless keyboard/mouse, 4 wireless /2 wired Xbox controllers) Task : play emulator games, store movies/animes, triple A games, racing games, steam games, e-sports games. Questions Monitor : monitor wise should we go with a 4K TV or a 4K 60hrtz monitor or 1440p 144hrtz? (budget on monitor /TV is $900) Graphics card : my brother can't decide between the rtx 2080ti or the rx5700xt (budget for graphics card $1200) (wish the 2080 super was out) Thanks for the help. *IDSA - integrated digital system app controller. (for full house app controller)
  4. My brother and I are designing a card game, me on skills and effects him on art and design. Does anyone know a good design / art software he can use for drawing or painting? Free software would be nice.
  5. JayzSub

    VA or IPS

    Asus strix Vega 56 8gb
  6. JayzSub

    VA or IPS

    He's got $300 he plays E-sports games, any suggestions on a VA or ips 1080/1440 27 inch monitor?
  7. I got the card I am looking at the monitor, I asked because the LG 27UD58W UHD is on SALE for $309.00
  8. Can it handle a 4K 60 hrtz monitor for battlefield?
  9. BTW her room is so... Purple, Purple bed, purple drawers, purple table, purple bedsheets, purple clothes. Didn't get to open her underwear drawer but I'm guessing purple undies? She set the RGB to purple today when I went over to work on our science project, Her bed is so soft and it smells so nice, I got to lie on it to do planning.
  10. My classmate asked he has a ryzen r5 2600 system and it's been a year and is it worth it for him to upgrade to a 3600? He uses it for esports gaming with a Zotac rtx 2080 twin fan
  11. Nope mostly dark type characters zombies, vampires, dark lords and demons.
  12. Ryzen R7 2700 Msi b450i gaming ac G.skill Trident Z RGB 3200mhrz 16gb cl16 Zotac RTX 2070 mini 8gb Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512gb m.2 Crucial MX500 1tb ssd We got everything g 2nd hand for under $650
  13. Once every 2years but I clean the filters almost every 2 weeks.
  14. We built a E-sports gaming system for a friend who plays a lot of overwatch and fortnight and smite (conquest) pretty competitively. He asked if he should go for a 240hrtz 1080p 1m-sec Asus ROG monitor or will a normal 120hrtz 1m-sec 1080p do? I've never used such a high end monitor so I'm not sure if it makes any difference in his games. Thanks for the advice
  15. My room isn't full of girl pics, mostly magic the gathering characters.
  16. I saw more PowerColor Vega 56 8gb red dragon cards with my brother, they are brand new sealed in the bargain bin for $279.00. Are they still worth buying? Should I wait for the RX5700 or go for the rtx 2060 ?
  17. Sure I'll add the picture when I go over to her house in a few days, I'm going over to help withe science project too since we on the same team. Plus it my first time in a girl's room
  18. We went with the 2000 series Ryzen because she couldn't wait for the 3000 series due to our science fair project based on nitrogen (subzero effects on different metals.) Case: Fractal Design Meshify C Mini Blackout (my old case) Cpu: Ryzen r5 2600 (on discount) $144.90 Reference Cooler Msi b450m mortar titanium (on sale cheaper then Bazooka plus v.2) $82.00 G.skill Trident Z RGB 3000mhrz cl16 16gb $89.90 Asus Strix RX Vega 56 8gb OC Gaming (got it when they were clearing stock) $234.00 VRM replacement pads $6.00 Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 512gb m.2 nvme ssd $75.00 Toshiba 2tb hdd p300 $45.00 WD black 3.5 inch 1tb hdd (from old pc) Seasonic focus plus 650w 80+ gold full modular Techware keyboard 104 keys $45.00 EVGA Torq X10 carbon $29.90 Windows 10 home - (windows 7 home key code $1.00 each at value shop 12 copies)