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  1. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    hahahha i was thinking some kind of cloud storage or somting like that haha, yea that i will do that for sure
  2. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    idk what a drawe is but yea personaly i will try ssd then hdd for games and etc
  3. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    i had a dead hdd one time and lost some family files so i what no risk to happening again but 1 sdd 960gb will do for now and with these components will save some money!
  4. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    Thanks to all for the suggestions, then i will get 2x 4gb ram, PSU that its no trash, and 2 sdd for better storage to future, i was looking for another GPU but din´t find more than gtx 1050 ti 4gb for less than the rx 580 but it´s not worth it, rx580 still much better for price, again thx alot!
  5. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    for the PSU i think the same due to the price of GPUs i din´t think that way for the PSU and Storage, i use this pc 24/7 so i have alot of files of my famliy and personal, hdd will be waste of money then? this is my first update to my rig so im pretty new
  6. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    So 2x 8gb will be overkill? having 2x 4gb wil be better? my country and my room are hot like 35 degrees every day and i plan to push the CPU a bit for more perfomance the PSU care me less right now cos compability for the GPU anyway thx for the tip
  7. odismo

    Any tips for my budget build?

    actually i don´t want another CPU right now, i think it will be ok for now (cos no cash ) its a generic PSU, so a bit of google i find out that it will be bad if i don´t remplace it
  8. So i have a pc that i bought some years ago some of it its generic, i want to update it (my main language is spanish, so sorry for that) MOBO Asrock H61M - VG3 CPU Intel i5 2400 3.1 ghz Ram 2x 2gb ddr3 GPU Nvidia geforce GT 220 1gb Storage #1 320 gb hdd 7200 rpm #2 320 gb hdd 5400 rpm PSU Fivestar 600w (generic) Case Generic (small to medium size) i bought it in 2014 for 240 usd. So il will get some cash to upgrade it (500 usd at most) then i look on my country (costa rica) for components and i found some that are good price and quality. The plan its update it to RAM 2x 8gb teamgrup ddr3 1600mhz, GPU RX 580 8gb sapphire pulse, water cooler Corsair h45, PSU gigabyte 500w 80plus bronze and get a SSD 240 gb kingston and a HDD 1tb toshiba 7200 rpm what do u guys think?
  9. MOBO 

    ASRock - H61M-VG3


    i5 2400 3.1 ghz 



    2x  2 GB DDR3 



     Nvidia geforce GT 220 1 gb 


    PSU Fivestar 600w (generic)



    Generic Small to medium (idk?)


    Need help updating my Rig