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  • Birthday 2006-03-18

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    Zeus3256 (Xbox sold by dad R.I.P)

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    Plainsboro, NJ
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    Gaming, swimming, tech stuff.
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    I am a 13 year old boi.
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    4gb ddr3l
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    Hd 4400
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    500gb hdd
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    32" 1080p Samsung TV
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    Razer Blackwidow Lite
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    Logitech G300s
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    Hyperx Cloud Alpha
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    Windows 10 Home, idk which bit.

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  1. Hey guys! Long time no see. I'm back here with a little question. Well, maybe not so little. I'm using an HP Pavillion Notebook with a Core i3 5010u, and 8gb DDR3l ram, and it doesn't have a backlit keyboard. What is the simplest way to add a white backlight to my laptop, if there is a way at all? Thanks, Boinbo
  2. Woah there! It's been a while since I've been on, but this thread seems to be big! Not gonna lie, even though I haven't been on here in a while, it's cool one of my threads sort of blew up! Anyways, take care guys.
  3. Is there any apps on iOS that are good for Equalizing? Id like to give a go at it. Edit: Can it be free to use?
  4. Just curious, anyone know when the motherboard was made, and what the inventor’a thought process was?
  5. Well, if you need it to be anc, I would probably get one the wh 1000xm3, Bose QC35 II, but AirPods pro would work as well, especially if you are in the Apple ecosystem. But if you change your mind about anc, maybe give the Audeze Mobius a shot? Getting it used should be in your range, plus it has an excellent mic. Idk, just a suggestion
  6. Boinbo

    Sound system

    Okay, thanks for clarifying!
  7. Boinbo

    Sound system

    Wait, what’s an impression? Sorry if it’s a noob question also, will a 5 or 6” speaker work? Having both 8” makes it a bit expensive
  8. Boinbo

    Sound system

    Thanks so much! I’ll bookmark this for my birthday later!
  9. Boinbo

    Sound signature

    Wow this is very helpful! Thanks so much!
  10. When I try to creat an iCloud email, it says problem turning on mail. What is wrong? Thanks.
  11. Boinbo

    Sound signature

    Yeah okay. Thanks for helping me out!
  12. Boinbo

    Sound signature

    Alright will do. I will use different earbuds and headphones around the house, and try on my friends at school to see the difference I feel. Thank you!
  13. Boinbo

    Sound signature

    Yes, I want to train my ears to identify when headphones are bright, warm, flat, etc