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  1. To start this off, most of the time i am using my Bluetooth headset. Most of the time i keep it on a good charge, not to mention it charges fast and keeps the charge for a long time. Anyway, when my headset tells me it's on a low battery, i just turn it off and put it on the charger. However, my audio devices seem to get confused and won't switch over the sound from the games i would be playing at the moment, such as Minecraft and Runescape (OSRS and RS3). The only way to fix this is to close and reopen the program. While this is a simple solution, this can be a test of patience with the wait time (especially with Minecraft and loading all my mods). I have tried switching the device before and after it's disconnected, both ended with the same results. Reconnecting the device doesn't bring the sound back either. Also connecting the headphones while sound from the games is still playing through the speakers won't switch over to the new device. it will keep playing through the speakers. Browsers and media programs switch between devices just fine. I want to know if there is a third party program that can switch the main audio output device to tell my computer to play all sound through that. Or if not that, then some other solution.
  2. Okay i have two computers that I've been transfer from one computer to the other, a windows 8.1 and windows 10. While i can access the networking file sharing just fine with my windows 10 computer, trying to do it with my windows 8.1 computer seems to be impossible. At first it just wouldn't even see my other computer (I've fixed that) but when i try to go through the folders via networking sharing, i can only access public folders and default folders which is useless because i never put anything in those folders. I've also tried allowing specific folders to be shared. It does show up in the networking folders. but alas i still cannot access them. I don't know if it's something with my settings (which i have tried every combination of possible) or if it's with windows itself. I know 8.1 is having enough problems as it is and I have posted thread on this in the past. I fear that windows has broken something that i cannot fix or an even worse case is my tinkering has broke something that i don't remember doing.
  3. It sounds like a great program but when i tried to install it, all i got was a message saying there's no compatible screens. I don't know if i made this clear in my previous post but i do believe this is a driver's issue. Also as I've said before, I've had this problem in the past, it's just been so long since I've had to deal with it. Usually i can go to my settings and lower the brightness but the option isn't there. That might be why this problem wouldn't work. Great suggestion though, I'll keep this program in mind if i ever need it the future. Also I love your Avatar picture. Can never figure out how to get my avatars with moving pics like that.
  4. Okay i have a computer i basically just use for anything that involves typing and as a back up. For most of this year I've let a friend borrow this laptop and right before i lent it to him i had just did a fresh install of windows to fix some major bugs on it for lack of an easier method. I had reinstalled any of the drivers before hand and now that I've gotten it back, I've tried to do just that. Problem is, i still can't lower the brightness of the screen. The most i can do is turn on windows 10 night light to somewhat dim it, but it still feels like it's burning my eyes. If anyone can help me I'd be ever so grateful... and my eyes will be too. I have a HP ProBook 440 G1 Base Model Notebook PC The link for the drivers are https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-probook-440-g1-notebook-pc/5405428/model/5405429?sku=C7N87AV Also keep in mind that this computer originally had windows 8.1 and I've gone through this several times but it's been so long I've forgotten how to fix this. **UPDATE** I solved my issue. When i last installed windows it switched drivers for the monitor.
  5. Okay I've been trying to fix this since Saturday through multiple methods and Virtual Machines. Basically one day i had opened Multimedia 8 (an app through the windows 8 store) closed, it and opened it again later to find that it keeps getting stuck on loading. I've uninstalled and reinstalled it several times, eventually the store wouldn't let me install anything. Now the windows store won't even connect to the server, and a few other apps (not needed but still concerning) crash upon opening them. Through some digging I've found that there are some corrupted files that the apps must use but i don't have a way to restore them. I've also found through a virtual machine and a fresh install of windows 8.1 that it isn't just me. I'm wondering does anyone have a solution for this? **UPDATE** I've created a refresh disk using the 8.1 ISO Microsoft provides. I can now at least connect to the store (for now) but i can't install anything like before. Well i did once but the app was still stuck on loading like before. I would just reinstall windows 8.1 but if the virtual machine tests are anything to go by, i don't think it'll change it. If anyone can find the ISO for the original Windows 8, i can probably figure it out from there. Unfortunately I have had no such luck in finding it as google has buried it beneath anything that says 8.1