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  1. think i've found the source... neighbour is working with the drill hammer causing vibrations
  2. so i got this PSU for almost a year now . it's a corsair rm650x . there was always a sound if i get pretty close with my ear to the PSU . like a short circuit kinda sound. but today i have noticed a different sound , and it's noticeble even without getting close to the PSU cause it draged my attention without getting near i've attached the recording. what is this? SoundRecord-2020-02-20-17-00-20.wav SoundRecord-2020-02-20-17-07-58[1].wav
  3. so why is the rankings criteria made only by cooling and not by pcb as it is at rtx boards
  4. @LukeSavenije so the rx 5xxx series , tier A to D all have the same pcb?
  5. welcome to eastern europe, well all the prices are inflated and msrp is just a number
  6. it depends. i have a sigma pro 120mm on my cooler . and it's very silent untill 1200rpm. doesn't make any strange noises. have a be quiet sw3 on exhaust really silent as well, and ordered another sw3 as intake since thoght they are really silent .but the same model felt very loud for me at 1000 rpm,made an annoying bearing noise,so there are some models who have bad bearings from fabric.. also i had arctic p14 140mm and at 1000 rpm sounded like a plane
  7. so how do i know when i buy a card if it's the fixed version
  8. what's ''after fix'' cards all about? did the first cards relesead had problems and fix them in the future ones made?
  9. i guess so but here : https://www.skhynix.com/products.view.do?vseq=963&cseq=75 it says ''Backward Compatible with 1.5V DDR3 Memory module''
  10. yeah it is they have same frequencies /latenices , but now i saw that one is 1.35 v and the other is 1.5
  11. i have a hp g1 650 laptop (i5 4300m) which have 1x4 gb ddr3 hmt451s6bfr8a-pb ram module i want to add another 4gb ddr3 stick, will it be compatible with this one: 1x4gb ddr3 hynix 1600mhz hmt351s6cfr8c-pb no aa ?
  12. i5 9600k 1660ti 16gb ddr4 i'm looking for silent fans that provide decent airflow and not make that annoying motor noise(the strange one that's not the same sound air movement). i have silent wings 3 as exhaust and it's silent up to 1200rpm but it was pretty expensive. looking for something around 10 EUR 2X120MM or 2x140mm but only if they have 120mm mounting holes i was looking now at the scythe kaze flex for 8 EUR but read in review they make that mechanical annoying noise
  13. are these good value for 9€ ,140mm no pwm , 800rpm max. i'm interested in them because they are 140m but also have 120mm mounting holes . i'm intending to use 2x as intake .