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  1. I have a ROG front base and was wondering if any of the modern ROG borards have the ROG EXT port still. Last I saw one was on the x399 zenith extreme, but wasn’t listed in the specks. Saw it on the bord in photos. im asking because it will influence my case decision. thanks in Advance:. alice
  2. I figured I’d have to go to EX for a 180mm rad. I suppose I could do a small cpu loop with flexible tubing. It has no window on the case so only I know how messy it looks but would still drive me crazy I think, Laughing My But Off (LMBO)
  3. My case is a bit odd for water cooling options. Has 1x 120mm and 1x 180mm mounting options. I figure if I can find a pump block with ability to add a second 180mm rad would keep a i9 9900k nice and frosty. thanks in advance: alice
  4. I was curious which would be best for a multi task (Video, Music, & Photography Media Creation/Gaming/Streaming) compute? The AMD X399 or Intel X299. Both have Benifits in my eyes. X399 has lower cost processors, and X299 has thunderbolt 3 if u look for the right board. Main thing is I want the build to meet my needs. May even use a old case of mine even though io is outdated. But not hard to fix either.