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  1. Thank you for your replies. I just want know that, will the radiator work properly if I connect it to silverstone hub
  2. I want to use a Corsair H75. I think my old H75 is not controllable via Corsair software
  3. Hello everyone. I'm not good at English, so first of all sorry for that. I'm gonna use a Kraken G12 and an AIO cooler on my GPU. I want to use the radiator on push/pull. In this case there are 4 connectors: -1x Radiator -1x 92mm fan -2x 120mm fan Also I want my gpu to control radiator fans depending its heat. So I decided to buy a Gelid pwm cable and a Silverstone fan hub. The question is, if I connect Gelid cable to my GPU and Silverstone hub to Gelid cable, can I use radiator fans, radiator and vrm fan efficiently? Someone said that the radiator needs to run at %100 so I should connect it directly to the motherboard. Thanks in advance.