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  • Birthday April 27

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    Football, Gaming


  • CPU
    Ryzen 3 2200g
  • Motherboard
    B450m Bazooka Plus
  • RAM
    DELTA TUF Gaming Alliance RGB 3200mhz
  • GPU
    GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
  • Case
    Tecware Nexus M
  • Storage
    Seagate BarraCuda 250GB, Western Digital WD Green 1TB, Crucial BX500 480GB
  • PSU
    FSP Aurum 92+ 650W
  • Display(s)
    NVision IP240 24″ IPS 75hz BorderLess Monitor
  • Cooling
    Stock Ryzen fan
  • Keyboard
    Generic gaming keyboard
  • Mouse
    Logitech G103 Prodigy
  • Sound
    Logitech Z213 Compact 2.1 Stereo Speaker
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro N 64-bit

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  1. The ones on the bottom of the case... Are they still useful? Or just for anesthetics?
  2. I'll try again. But I deduced it was due to thermal throttling and that's why my game lagged down and crashed. But I'll try to log my temps and see after 30 mins of max gaming again if it's around 80
  3. Hey so right now I'm using the ryzen 3 2200g stock cooler... I've overclocked my ryzen to 3900mhz at 1.325v (I think) I've played 2 games of PES for a while without the air conditioning on and on my second game the game crashed and when I touched the fan vents it's already hot... I have 6 fans on my case also... Should I upgrade my CPU fan to a Gammaxx GTE? It's being sold for around 25$ here. Or is it another factor why my PES crashed? Because it's the only thing that crashed my PC still ran fine after though although hot.
  4. Rhaemond

    Crucial P1 NVMe vs BX500 SSD

    Yes I know. But is it noticeable when in use??? Or what.
  5. Rhaemond

    Crucial P1 NVMe vs BX500 SSD

    Why so? I've checked benchmarks, the P1 is atleast 150% faster. Why is that? And would I really notice it if I use it?
  6. I currently own a Crucial BX500 500gb... Should I sell it to get the P1 Nvme drive? Is it worth it? Noticeable difference in games, boot times, etc.?
  7. Rhaemond

    I have 6 fans... I need help on my setup.

    Top is filtered so I guess I'm going with intake.
  8. Rhaemond

    I have 6 fans... I need help on my setup.

    Thank you so much to the both of you! Looks like I'll be doing that then!
  9. Hi my case is a Tecware Nexus M... It allows 1 fan on the back, 2 on top, and 3 in the front... How do I setup my case fans?
  10. Rhaemond

    Should I upgrade?

    Hmm I can wait for a few months then. That's good enough for me. Hehe.
  11. Rhaemond

    Should I upgrade?

    Hmm... How many months from now will the 3600 go down? I'll take note of that. How about my 1060 6gb? Does it still hold up?
  12. Rhaemond

    Should I upgrade?

    Hmmm how about older gen options? I just need an upgrade for my 2200g...
  13. Rhaemond

    Should I upgrade?

    I have around 200USD to spend on an upgrade
  14. Hey so I have been working on a summer job for a few months now and I have a lot of extra cash on hand. I'm thinking of selling my fairly new Ryzen 3 2200g and buying a better processor like a Ryzen 5 1600 or something like that. Question is, what's worth buying and when should I buy it? I'm not good at predicting market trends so yea. Or should I just go for those processors being sold in AliExpress? They look cheap and all and they sound good...
  15. Rhaemond

    Is this a good headset?

    Yea it was on sale so was contemplating on taking it for that reason Oh that sucks. Nevermind.