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  1. Yeah I used pcpartpicker, but I just wasn't sure with the psu. And before I spend that much money I wanted to do a double check. Thanks for the new list Luke, I will consider some of these parts.
  2. Hey guys, I am looking forward to build my first pc. I would like to hear your opinion on my parts. The PC will be used mainly for gaming and Office work maybe some light photo and Video edditing. And I will try and overclock all components. And maybe I should say that some parts are there mostly for looks. I wanted the pc to look very good. My budget is roughly 1000€ (I am from Germany) and that's what I am looking at: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 Mobo: msi b450 gaming pro carbon (are there any other b450 mobos with integrated wifi, cause I need wifi? Or is there really just this one?) CPU cooling: enermax aquafusion 240 (I know that I don't need a 240 liq cooling for the CPU but it looks so good) RAM: 16gb of trident z rgb or corsair vengeance rgb pro (what speed would give me the most power for the money? Should I go 3000 or higher? Or is 2666 enough?) Some ssd (whatever I could get for a good price, and I have some hard drives which I can reuse) GPU: Asus Arez vega 56 (It is under 300€ here) PSU: be quiet pure Power 11 600w or corsair vengeance 650m (is the corsair one good? I am not sure on this. And is 600w enough or to much for this system? Do u have some other psu's u can recommend?) Case: Asus tuf gt501 I hope the parts fit together. Thx for ur help!