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  1. OK so B350 Motherboard or compatible with the 2000 Ryzen problem is to make the CPU work you will need to update your bios to minimum F20 to make every CPU work with 2000 it risky to update but shouldn't be a problem in less your power went out. the new F25 will need the latest chipset driver for the bios update check your motherboard manufacturer website for the bios update
  2. Light B350 Expert

    Memory stuck at 800Mhz

    It could be your cpu compability speed for ram
  3. Trust me you might not need this but people keep bugging me every where about this it ennoying
  4. Light B350 Expert

    Gtx 1060 or Gtx 1050ti ?

    Gtx 1050TI is good for your budget you can overclock it and it good for every game if you have ryzen CPU it also if you get the OC mode you don't have to worry about you overclocking it does it for you with utility software