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  1. ashish2

    Gtx 1060 csgo low fps

    try this
  2. ashish2

    Too low fps on csgo compared to other games

    ok i read all ur conversation above i also face the same problem so try this it will surely help you i tried and it helped me it will fix fps cap ,fps drop ,screen shuttering..................
  3. ashish2

    CSGO Capped 120FPS

    first right click on game icon and in compatility "disablefullscreen optimization " apply ok if no effect then try this it helped me with frames drop and screen-shutter lag.............. if solved inform me ...
  4. watch and do same it increase my 30 to 35 fps and no fps drop and shutter........... thx me later
  5. ashish2

    CS-GO low FPS

    watch and do same it increase my 30 to 35 fps and no fps drop and shutter........... thx me later
  6. ashish2


    Whats ur pc configurations??
  7. ashish2


    I fixed my problem and my fps increase by 110 to 150fps ............................
  8. ashish2


    In low settings shutter lag and fps drop is still there...... Increase in graphic settings result increase in gpu usage but shutter lag and fps drop also increase. I tried every thing like :- cleaning temp files, disk optimize , scan computer , deleted all other unwanted softwares , i tried diff. NVIDIA control panel settings , updated my firmware driver , bios driver ,sound driver , also i uninstall my antivirus software BUT no effects on shutter lag and fps drop What i do now ......help plzzz
  9. ashish2


    its a dell 7567 gaming laptop power profile is at maximum performance already i tried your settings gpu usage still same 25-35% but gpu memory 1084 mb now ram usage is 6490mb now cpu MHz is same 3500MHz But fps still drops to 60 sometimes........ improved slightly then before but shutter lags are still there
  10. ashish2


    I have dell inspiron 7567(i7-7700hq , 7gen, 2.8ghz base , 8gbram , 1050ti 4gb graphic card) When i play cs:go it gives shuttering and lag (no continuos lag) . Framerate comes between 120-90 but some time fps drops to 50-60 I use msi afterburner it show me that my gup usage is 25-35% only and gpu memory use is near 650mb (i think its bad) . In other games % of gpu usage is good cpu run on 3510MHz ram usage is 5640mb How i fix this shuttering and lag?