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  1. ok i selected that profile and now it seems to work. in the profile it stated 3000mhz but its actually running at 2933mhz now, but idc. thanks guys.
  2. ASUS Prime B350M-A ok and if i select that xmp or whatever profile i dont need to change the frequency as i did before right?
  3. and i have to enable it or what do i need to do ? and isnt XMP intel standard? does every MB has that option?
  4. yeah ram 2 and 4 and i just changed the frequency wihthout anything else. where do i find this xmp option?
  5. hey im running a ryzen 5 2600 and just got 2 new ram sticks G.Skill Aegis 2*8GB 3000mhz CL16 (F4-3000C16D-16GISB) after i booted the pc for the first time afer installing the new RAM i changed the speed to 3000mhz in BIOS but the pc shut down immediatly after starting for like 3 times than it started normally again (but with 2133mhz) and i changed the speed to 2933mhz. the pc then booted normally but while i was gaming for 2min i got a blue screen. then i changed it to 2800mhz and now everythings running normally. my question is why cant i use the 3000mhz, let alone 2933mhz (which the r5 2600 is officially capable of)? My Mainboard also support up to 3200 mhz. The r5 2600 is officially capable of up to 2933mhz. Do you know what could cause that problem?
  6. will RAM which supports XMP 2.0 work with ryzen CPU? xmp is intel standard isnt it?
  7. what do you mean by memory train? how exactly would i do that?
  8. the thing is amd states that the r5 2600 only supports ram till 2933mhz. but i often read and hear that even though its likely to run with 3000 or 3200 mhz anyway. EDIT: and how do you know that more RAM would help? i mean the usage is about 70% so in my thinking that means that its enough...
  9. hey i just wanted to know how to know when its time to upgrade RAM so that my gaming experience (FPS) will benegit from it. i currently have 8GB of DDR4 2666mhz Ram (2*4GB) and while gaming i have a memory usage of 70-80%. another question: sometimes ingame im really low on FPS like 70-80 (all setting on low) even though my CPU and GPU usage are about 50-60% hows that? why wont the game utilize my components more/better so that i get more FPS? CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: AMD RX 480
  10. Ok thanks everyone for your help. I checked the pins and some of them were bend. im pretty sure that he did this purposely. So i spend the last hour getting everything straight again and now it works fine!
  11. Ok updated bios still nothing. Any advice ? Also tried cmos clear.
  12. I just put back back my r3 to do the bios update. Same problem now: pc won’t start. Yesterday it was working fine. I don’t know what’s wrong I checked all cables everything is where it is supposed to be.