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  1. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    ok that sounds close to what i do, the main reason why im even upgrading is because i play and record games like csgo, payday 2, and planing on 7 days to die but all of them run smoothly until i get flash banged, or if my friend wanders to far away. It only happens when there is a tiny amount more of load.
  2. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    Wow i cant believe i did not look at the ryzen 7 i think that would fit really well thank you.
  3. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    Thank you for the insight but im still unsure, i guess what i need is a bit of an explanation of the differences between generations and what they improved.
  4. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    Ok thank you but I have one question with the processor. Will it hold up with creating videos and streaming. I normally use OBS and to stream it take 10-20% CPU load.
  5. Electabyss

    Upgrading CPU

    In the past my processor has held with what i used to do with gaming. But currently my computer has been struggling with holding up with demanding tasks like VR or new titles. So I've been looking into upgrading my processor but i don't know what i should look for or what is good, or what is even an upgrade. So the link bellow is what i have found that matches what i need but i can't tell if its worth the cost. If i could get some insight as too if the build is worth it that would be much appreciated. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/BDk8cY