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  1. anselmo

    What song are you listening to right now.

    "If You're Gone", by Matchbox Twenty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clKAdQnwJ7A
  2. By the way, does anyone know how to close this topic, or at least mark it as solved?
  3. I was able to finally boot DOS. Finally. Spent all day on this, finding image viewers, considering using batch files, etc. Finally. Thanks. Next time I'll give it a try in Linux. Thank you all so much.
  4. I've tried to put FreeDOS into the flashdrive with no success. But I'm still trying, while Ubuntu downloads.
  5. Okay. Thanks. Will download Ubuntu and try it. Unfortunately, the Internet here at home sucks. 4G Internet for the win...
  6. I followed that one and many more. Didn't work. Probably gonna try the Linux route. Fortunately VM's exist. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the bash programming.
  7. I am aware that underneat there is always a OS. In fact, I know that this is needed in order to display the picture. I will try to look it up. Would Arch be the most appropriate or Ubuntu Minimal or none of those two?
  8. No. I need something, to just boot a picture. Imagine turning on the computer, inserting a flash drive, select it as your boot device and display a photo.
  9. I have very little experience with Linux. If you could help me with the commands... The idea is that it just boots straight into a picture, no GUI or CLI.
  10. Hello, I am new to the forums and I'd like to ask for help on a task that was given to me. I need to make a bootable USB that boots into a picture or photo. I've tried fiddeling with MS-DOS on a VM and managed to get it working. The problem is that I can't make a USB flashdrive with DOS or FreeDOS. I've tried Rufus, UNetBootin, that HP USB tool and I can't seem to actually make it work. If anyone knows an app that has this pre-configured or how to make a bootable MS-DOS flashdrive, I would appreciate it. Someone told me that I should probably use Hiren's Boot CD, but I've used it little and barely know how to use half of its features. I would appreciate alot if someone could help me. By the way, if this is in the wrong section, please, someone move it into the right one, or tell me how to do it. Thanks, Anselmo