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  1. Foxis

    block lan user

    you're assuming its not my network? im going to block someone that is using all internet, everytime hes on his computer (and hes on there all the time) he makes me lag on an internet connection with 30 mbit. i've asked him but he doesnt understand hes using all the internet. and i am not going to play with 200 ping because someone is always using 30 mbit/s.. i always have 30 ping, and if he starts the pc i go from 30 to 70 and its unstable af, and i work too, and i do it on cloud and that is pretty fucking slow. if you dont wanna help me you dont need to be here, because that the ONLY reason i made this forum.
  2. Foxis

    block lan user

    Okey, thank you.
  3. Foxis

    block lan user

    just because i dont know these things doesnt mean im not going to do it, im not that kind of guy "i dont know what that is i might just never do it or maybe i can learn everything about everything." if i wanna do something om not going to do research on everything, otherwise forums wouldnt be needed. and no its a pc that doesnt support wireless
  4. Foxis

    block lan user

    i can only block people with wireless connection. im not so sure what that is, from what i found on google its like a splitter, 1 cable to like 10.
  5. Foxis

    block lan user

    hello i have a huawei b525 and i wanna block a specific user using lan or disabling the lan ports except 1 (no questions please why lol) i was able to go to DHCP settings and only set the ip range between to 111 and that was my ipv4 adress on my pc. but i cant just limit it to one only so im blocking everyone. (im not very good at this stuff but if you say i have to start from the beggining... no thats not how it works.)
  6. Foxis


    ok thank you :]
  7. Foxis


    hello i have a nvidia gtx 1060 6gb and i wanna overclock and its my first time. in afterburner max Power limit is at 116% and i only see people having max 110, and 116 and 110 is a big difference.. is it safe to go with 116?
  8. did not work to disable, but i didnt know that i searched for it on internet, more people had that problem. i tested world of warcraft and i had 150 - 160 fps fps on highest settings and before on my old pc same gpu and i5 6400 i had 70 fps in medium settings. thank you both for help.
  9. Hello i built a new pc, (first time) and i downloaded overwatch and only have 120 fps ingame (180 when nothing is happening in the match) and i dont know why, all cores are at 60% usage, can't remember what gpu usage was on, but not high. i7 8700 Nvidia 1060 6GB
  10. bitfenix nova tg, but doesn't water cooler need to be replaced after 2 - 3 years? and 212 rgb black is good enough so i think that is enough because i dont wanna spend another 60 dollars after 2 - 3 years (master liquid 120 lite is the cheapest i can buy in sweden, and if i buy from amazon or something the price will be the same from here anyway)
  11. i dont know if i wanna get aio anymore, my sister have the same aio i was looking at, and good airflow in her pc, 3 year old pc and the cpu is 90 degrees celsius when 70% load, if it stops working after 3 i will rather buy air cooler. and i have i7 8700 + 1060.
  12. Foxis

    corsair LL120 cables

    Okey, thank you! :[}
  13. Foxis

    corsair LL120 cables

    hello im going to buy corsair ll120 to my pc, i havent got all parts for my pc yet, i am only going to buy 1 casefan(i already have 2), and i have MSI b360 gaming plus and 212 RGB black edition for my i7 8700 non K, and i'm not sure if the case fan will connect to same socket/outlet(i don't know if thats the right word) as my rgb cable from my cpu fan.
  14. i dont have any fan, i havent built my pc yet, if i have H7 i will have casefan but with ml120L im not going to have any casefan out. only in