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About SafyreLyons-5LT

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  • Birthday 2003-04-30

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    Colorado Springs, CO (United States)
  • Interests
    Code, Linux, Websites
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    C++ dev mostly
  • Occupation
    Your guy's friend


  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
    half a byte
  • GPU
  • Case
  • Storage
    like a byte or 3
  • PSU
    3 minutes without being at a charger
  • Display(s)
  • Cooling
    my legs (SOO HOT)
  • Keyboard
    This brought up my country when I typed it in??
  • Mouse
    Logitech for mouse, also use track pad
  • Sound
  • Operating System

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  1. SafyreLyons-5LT

    How? Just How?

    Was this thing a prebuilt system!?
  2. bruh I am so fucking broke I can barely afford Linux wtf

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. OlympicAssEater


      I see.


      Life is a shit sometimes right?

    3. SafyreLyons-5LT
    4. LukeSavenije




      so.... i heard linux?


      time to bring you into the lovely world of arch

  3. My final resume looks amazing imo


    1. kelvinhall05


      Looks good, but I wouldn't put your phone number on a public forum lol.

    2. SafyreLyons-5LT


      I do because I can lol

      It is not gonna dox me it is fine

  4. I love my resume, I took good time and effort to make it nice and easy


  5. I am rebranding myself

  6. SafyreLyons-5LT

    Curious About Lua

    The Lua Website
  7. SafyreLyons-5LT

    Curious About Lua

    First off I have to warn ya Lua is slow, slower than Python somehow. Never the less Lua is useful. Second off this tutorial should get you started
  8. SafyreLyons-5LT

    18.04 LTS or 19.04

    So first off stay with Manjaro or go with a Ubuntu based never Ubuntu itself. Second off Pop!_OS is my recommendation. Thirdly 19.04 fixes tons of 18.04 bugs, slight UI upgrade, better stability, and iirc some better built in security. Pop!_OS 19.04 has that with some added bonuses for gaming and general use, while Linux Mint has more UI upgrades and security patches (iirc)
  9. SafyreLyons-5LT

    Js function to stop displaying an element

    function arrowOff() { document.getElementByClassName("arrow").style.display = "none"; } This works I tested it
  10. SafyreLyons-5LT

    Js function to stop displaying an element

    function arrowOff() { var m = document.getElementByClassName("arrow"); m.style = "display: none"; } Do something like this it works for me
  11. SafyreLyons-5LT

    Making Streams On Twitch Without Phone

    Twitch actively hunts free phone numbers by checking carriers and banning them so it would not work.
  12. SafyreLyons-5LT

    Making Streams On Twitch Without Phone

    Dude there is not a single way you can get a Twitch account without a phone number, nor a google voice without a phone number, not even a YouTube stream can be an option because you need a phone number. This was done to stop spammers. Sorry dude