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  • CPU
    I7 3770 3.4 GHz
  • Motherboard
    asus p8z77-v lx
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 12 GB (3 x 4 GB) DDR31866
  • GPU
    Amd Rx 560 4gb
  • Storage
    500 gb ssd, 1 tb hdd
  • PSU
    EVGA 450 watt
  • Display(s)
    Some 900p Asus monitor idk
  • Cooling
    Cool Master Hyper 212 Evo
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Here is a straight forward answer for you cause I see no others, You are not being bottlenecked by the I5, you could even get a more powerful gpu and still be fine, I used a 3rd gen I5 with a GTX 1070 and it worked fine, in some games my I5 bottlenecked it, but in most it worked great!! As long as you don't have any problems with playing games you want to, no need to upgrade, I still run 3rd gen intel cpus because they still work great, but you know, that's just my opinion
  2. It is very hard to mount lol, I have been building for years and it took me 20 minutes to put it on XD
  3. https://pcpartpicker.com/b/YYxG3C What I can come up with, wait to see if someone else replies as they may be able to do better, but this would do good
  4. Cooler is HyperMaster 212 Evo Motherboard is asus p8z77-v lx And core voltage is default And load temps, under a full load it hits around 80 degrees C
  5. I mostly do gaming and some streaming here and there, but I have a friend offering me an I7 3770 for 65 bucks and I know that's a good deal for the cpu so thought I'd see if it's worth the money, and no it's not super overclocked I can only get it to 3.6 before it becomes unstable
  6. Hello, yes an upgrade would still be worth it, I use an I5 3570k with an rx 580 and have no bottlenecks unless it is a very cpu heavy game, so you're good with that cpu for another maybe 2 or 3 years, 4th gen I7's still do amazing for gaming and maybe even some streaming here and there, so yeah go ahead and upgrade your gpu, what's your budget for the upgrade? I can recommend a gpu
  7. So I wanted to know if an I7 3770 will be an upgrade, downgrade, or about the same as an I5 3570K? Thanks for any answers
  8. I'd sell for like 40 or 50 us dollars, which is around 45 euros
  9. Bro ignore people telling you to just "get a new pc" its not always that easy guys, I used to have a i5 2500, it'll make you happy! Much better than the i3 you have, https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-2500-vs-Intel-Core-i3-2100/m517vsm41 to show how much better, and I upgraded from a i3 3225 which is around the same as your i3, to a 2500, and it was sooooo much better in games!
  10. It's a bit overpriced if you ask me, but it would play games I use a 3rd gen i5 to play games with a rx 560 and I get 60 on most every game, and the 580 will make it better then mine, so its a bit overpriced, but it would game
  11. You should be mostly good, any cpu heavy stuff you will see a bottneck, but most of the time you shouldn't have any problems
  12. gt 710 would suggest 10/10 best for your build....jk I would ACTUALLY suggest a rx 570
  13. I would go with a rx 580, as 590 isn't much better, and 1660 ti isn't worth it for the price (if you ask me) and your psu should be fine!