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    Worked in enterprise level IT most of my career.
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    Ryzen 3600
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    Gigabyte x470 Ultra
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    32gb Corsair Vengence 3200 *2
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    Corsair 500
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    Windows 10, Debian, BS2000

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  1. I a world where the planets resources are dwindling at an alarming rate, this kind of consumerism really is not a good route for us to take. Devices are no longer rapidly advancing, more incremental updates. Maybe phone companies should start offering battery, screen and update subscription services as well as the current service subs such as Apple Arcade and Apple Music. I think they need to move away from the product race to some extent and seek the virtues of software and services.
  2. If you can live without the wide end then maybe get a used Canon 24-70 F4L. It is an excellent bit of kit and very well made. It is certainly a step up from your kit lens. If you really need the wide end then maybe add a Canon 10-18 short term and sell it on when you do go full frame. The pair will be a little over your budget but when you sell the 10-18 you will get a good bit of that back.
  3. Here in the UK we have CCTV in almost every place there is a shop, bank or where lots of people will be. Some are manned and others not, but it is there. Some are using facial recognition already, especially at big events such as football, concerts etc. ANPR is the system used for tracking car number plates and is present on most major roads and many smaller roads. The system is not perfect but works very well and is constantly being improved. We have a lot more eyes on us than we think. We use our debit and credit cards to get on tubes, busses, to pay for things etc which can all be tracked. We use loyalty cards which mean we are not only tracked but are used to profile us. Our mobile phones are constantly feeding back information, just use the traffic screen on Google Maps and you will see that, the info comes from us, from our gps enabled mobile phones which can also be tracked.
  4. The point was not about the dreadful human rights in China, we all know that is poor even though the country is very rapidly changing. The point was that almost all the data is already out there. We are all being tracked via our mobiles, picked up by cameras all over the place. Facial recognition is being used now, all over the world. Had I said the same about almost any other country the responses I am sure would be very different. For most of the developed world privacy in many ways is a myth. We I feel have gone very far down the route and there seems no way back. I wonder how much data is stored online from the rest of the world that use facial recognition to unlock our devices. China have introduced a law that makes it very obvious, that is not the case I am sure in many other parts of the world that are collecting similar data without our knowledge.
  5. Mobile users in China will only be able to access the web. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-50587098 At first glance this feels very big brother. Thinking about it more though it is not much more than the data already collected on our mobiles. We are already logged onto many services which identify us, coupled with gps location. So what is facial recognition actually adding? In some ways this could reduce trolling, or at the very least enable locating some of those that fire off abuse etc online. However there is quite a backlash about facial recognition and privacy in general in China. People are feeling it is going too far and fear abuse of powers by their government. Understandable really given their history.
  6. I went to the local tip today to chuck some old PC stuff I had laying around. As usual they ask you to leave it in a spot where they can see if they can sell any of it off. Chatting to the chap there is seems lots of people remove their old spinning HDDs but M2 drives get overlooked. Chap was saying they get quite a few every week. Sounds to me people simply do not realise they are repositories for all their data. So these M2 drives don’t get blanked or anything, just sold on to anyone who wants to buy them. I am sure this gets repeated in every tip across the land.
  7. I picked up my first old camera at my school boot sale, an old box brownie. I became a little obsessed after that with getting old cameras. From aged 9-14 I built up quite a collection with the oldest being a late 19th century plate camera. It does work but not used it for a very long time as it is just too expensive per shot. I paid 40p for it, and today the cost per shot is about £30. Oldest lens I currently still use is a Canon 400mm f5.6. I think it is also the oldest lens Canon still have in production.
  8. I totally agree. It is obvious some people will never understand, of choose not to, ASD. Maybe we should go back the Victorian style loony bins, sent to bethlam prison etc.
  9. Probably. To me RISC is the architecture not a brand.
  10. ARM is a RISC based chip. I think we were getting a bit confused with the terminology. If you understand ARM stood for Acorn RISC Machine before it was renamed to Advanced RISC Machine.
  11. Why not have ARM laptops? MS, Adobe and many more vendors are re-writing or have already written their software for ARM. In laptops the reduced heat and power is very welcome. So if MacOS was re-written to take advantage of this why not?
  12. I would not be surprised is Apple start moving to RISC in the not too distant future. With many packages beginning to arrive on RISC it certainly seems a possibility.
  13. Maybe you should re-read what Elon Musk has said.... You also should note this is a derivative technology based on previous human testing, and testing on children. You could research some of the team currently working for Neuralink and see their history, the previous "clinics" they have worked in offering so called cures. The information is all freely available.
  14. Thing is, the experimentation is not just happening to consenting adults, children are also being experimented on. You can see that in the documentary I posted earlier. The issue I have with any treatment or so called cure of this nature is as many have already said, if you treat someone of a young age you will never know who they could have been. You will never know if you are destroying something of them. TBH I feel the same about forcing religion on children, they have no choice and are too young to make any informed decision, but that is going off topic. If you are a parent and you are told your child may or may not have problems in later life a certain amount of worry sets in. Parents naturally have an image of how their child should be perfect. Some parents really struggle with the thought their children may not fit the image of a “normal” child. Those parent sometimes will clutch at straws and grab any hope thrown at them. Often the cost is just too high both financially and for the well-being of the family involved. You can see just that in the aforementioned documentary. There is also quite a large industry that just sells nothing but hope to those willing to pay. From vile newspapers to iffy clinics to evangelical preachers. Elon ‘electric Jesus’ Musk fits into that group quite easily when he makes statements like this latest one.
  15. For those of you that may not understand ASD please watch this documentary. Apologies it is the audio description version but it is the only copy I can find online. It also contains some thoughts and details of the very type of treatment being discussed in this thread, namely electrocuting the brain. Part 1 Part 2