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  1. Achyuth

    System reboot

    Ok thankyou
  2. Achyuth

    System reboot

    I have an inverter also ,but i read that the switching time of inverters are higher. To answer your question the problem exists while directly connecting
  3. Achyuth

    System reboot

    Orange. So should i get it replaced?
  4. Achyuth

    System reboot

    I have a ups with 600va/360watt rating. I recently bought an rx 570 ,and while i'm gaming if there is any power outage my pc turn off and restarts itself. My system power consumption is around 200-250 watts at full load. Is this due to limitation of the Ups? Pc spec: i5 8400 B360 mobo Rx570 2tb & 500 gb hdd Corsair Vs450