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  1. It works after this, yes. It doesn't affect anything, it's just a little weird, isn't it?
  2. I don't know if it's the right section or not. But if it's not I do apologize. So here is the thing, I recently bought a PC and I got these specs: i5 9600K 3.70GHzNvidia Geforce RTX 2070 WINDFORCEHyperX Fury 8x2 3200 MHzASUS PRIME Z390-PARCTIC PENTA TR 33COOLERMASTER 700W250 GB Samsung SSD2TB Seagate HDD And whenever I wake up and turn on my PC my PC will turn on, the lights will turn on, and the fans will turn on for roughly two seconds, and then the pc turns off for roughly a second or two and then turns back on and proceeds as nothing happened. I do not know if it's an issue I should worry about. Please help me out, thanks!