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  1. LauriHimself

    Urgent! Asus BIOS Update

    @glenalz81 you sir are my hero! of course ihave heared about D.O.C.P. before, i just didn´t think of it. thank you so so much. now everything is golden
  2. Hey I have a problem. I just finished my first build. The current bios build won't detect the 3200mhz ram as such. The board is a Asus B450-F gaming. According to the Asus page I just need to download the latest build and winflash. Problem is that winflash keeps telling me that the ATK drivers are missing. I installed several versions of them. None works. Anyone can halp me out on this?
  3. LauriHimself

    Dumb Question regarding ssd "m key" & "b key"

    perfekt! exaktly the information i was looking for! thanks so much again!
  4. LauriHimself

    Dumb Question regarding ssd "m key" & "b key"

    ty for the fast reply jup 1x sata + pcie (which i will need) 1x pcie only so that the ssd has both cutouts for m and b does not matter?
  5. sorry if it's sort of a dumb question.... when i buy a m.2 ssd with a m and b key connector (so 2 "cutouts") i can install it in a "m key" m.2 port on my motherboard and it will work fine? i feel so dumb right now ^^
  6. LauriHimself

    Asus Arez Strix Radeon RX VEGA56 vs ROG

    Hi! I am looking for a gpu myself for a friend's system. Where exaktly do you live in Europe? In Austria you can order a 1660ti for about 270€. Is a Vega 56 really that much faster than a 1660ti?
  7. LauriHimself

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    Just looked it up, Vega 56 starts at 300,so a 1660ti is cheaper where I live
  8. LauriHimself

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    A RX 580 starts at about 180€, the GTX 1660ti at about 270€ where I live (Austria)
  9. LauriHimself

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    Thank you so much for the fast answer!
  10. LauriHimself

    Gtx 1660ti or RX 580

    Hello everyone! I am going to build my first pc. Not for myself but my best friend. Thanks to this community, the ltt channel, gamers nexus and some others, I feel like I am ready for the task. I pickled the parts I felt were the best suited for his pricepoint and what he is going to do with it (up to 1000€, less is better, I aimed for 700 to 800; 1080p gaming only). Then I thought maybe I should check the forum, as I hear Linus mentioning it in every video for ages now, and I've never signed up. Turns out that my build is, more or less, what you guys say is a decent system for the price. Ryzen 5 2600, 16 gig 3200 ram, Asus ROG mobo (maybe will switch that for the asrok board from the recommendations) 1tb m.2 ssd... Usual suspects so far. My only problem is the gpu. One the one hand a rx 580 is plenty for 1080p gaming On the other hand he has got the money for a gtx 1660ti, what would last him longer without an upgrade. So, my questions really are: will a 1660ti last him that much longer? Is it a segnificant improvement over a rx 580 given he only plays in 1080p? Is it worth the money? Thanks at Linus, the team and the community for teaching me everything I know regarding computers and especially for providing me the skill to build one myself.