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  1. I acually just bought these with the Micca OriGen G2 and the HD 58X sounds Better on my Onboard audio on my PC. So i am returning the OriGen G2.
  2. if you are into FPS/Survival/RPG Games then id highly Suggest you check out "Escape from Tarkov" It's been my go too game for the last year. I absolutely love it. Hands down the best Weapon Physics in a shooting game. And if the game DEVS continue on the path they want to take the game, it will turn out to be one of the best games ever. Now with all the good, it does have its problems as its a Non-Completed game like a Hacker Occasionally and what not but its an awesome game. Go check it out.
  3. Lol its cool, Amazon has a lot of very good reviews and I can connect it to my PS4. I will try it out if I don't like it I will return it asap. If I do return it I will go with something like Schiit Fulla 2 Amp/Dac or maybe get the Massdrop Amp/Dac. I ordered the HD 58Xs so I don't need that much power, My pc onboard audio amp might even power them just fine. I'm just using them for some gaming and Streaming and Movies and music. And this is my first GOOD Headphones. I've been using the Astro A40 TRs for a long time which I love but am much needed for an upgrade. So I'm excited to get introduced to Open Back Headphones. I use some other forums but actually really like Linus Forums so u guys will see me around often. Thanks again guys for the help.
  4. Thank you all guys... I ended up getting the Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Headphones with the Micca Origen G2 Amp/Dac. I want to maybe down the road get an Amp and Dac Separately but my budget isn't allowing me too. Also with the Micca OriGen it looks like I will be able to use them on my PS4 as well which is just a plus. THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP!
  5. So what are some good AMPs that you recommend all in one post? If you could link me too them, that would be helpful.
  6. I would get the massdrop sdac + o2 but i kind of want an Optical out so it will work with my PS4 as well unless there is a way around it.
  7. I gottchu, So i could get a 100-150 dollar amp with the 6XX and try it with my on board dac and see how it sounds, If i like it, then good. but if not then i can save up alittle more and get a 100-150 dollar DAC? Yeah?
  8. Can you make sure my Motherboard has an onboard DAC? https://www.aorus.com/product-detail.php?p=740 good enough to work with just an amp.
  9. Yeah, but I'm not wanting to spend over 150 USD for an AMP/DAC. It's just that I've spent way too much money in the past week. So I will 100% upgrade in the future. I just need somthing that will sound good for the meantime. If you can set me up with an External DAC with that AMP you showed me for around 150 if even possible then id go for it.
  10. That's just an AMP though right? I wonder if I even need a DAC with my PC Motherboard? If my PC doesn't have a DAC then I want to get an AMP/DAC Combo. My Motherboard: https://www.aorus.com/product-detail.php?p=740 Click on my Motherboard Link above and then click on AORUS Audio and it shows what my sound card is.
  11. How does that work? You pre order then in 4 days they ship it out?
  12. Man i would buy the mass drop one right now if it was available to buy right now. plus the 6XXs but i might get the 58Xs and just get one of the amp/dacs on amazon. Hmmmm....
  13. Okay, Would all of those AMP/DACS you just sent me, power the HD 6XXs fine? (Fine as in Sound as good as they could get?) Or would i have to get a better AMP/Dac Combo?
  14. Could you link me to both, i would like to buy off amazon as well. but these Arent AMP/DACS, these are just Amps. I want an amp/dac combo.
  15. Ive heard that, but i still want to get one just to get the most out of it. Do I need a DAC if I bought just an amp? Or should i just buy an amp/dac with the 58x. If so what Amp/Dac should i get? No more then 150 dollars.