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  1. Lmao. I literally blow on it and it drops about 3-5C there negative nancy.
  2. For shits a giggles I flipped my laptop cooling pad upside down and put it on it. It dropped about 5 - 10C. Not kidding, so there is room for improvement even if its just by adding smaller stylish detachable fans to help and maybe some more copper.
  3. I take it up to my brothers house now and then to game with him. Other than that it sits on the desk. Start out and think simple and we can expand from there. Further research and I stumbled on this. USB Powered Dual Fans. Could easily make this detachable for mobility. I could see about adding more copper connection to the heat sinks too to spread more heat. Also want to add that my overclock is stable. I want to try to push it more and also note this laptop runs hot from the get go so i want to beef up the cooling for summer.
  4. Hello my name is Brian and I have an old school overclocked Hp Elitebook 8740w with an i7 920XM 16 GB RAM and a GTX 870M that still crushes games today on medium settings. I get solid 60 FPS in Apex. Both CPU and GPU are overclocked so of course the poor cooling on this system is an issue. My idea is to remove the keyboard (which i don't use because I have a mini external one anyways) and add more fans, cooling, heat sinks etc. Liquid cooling would be awesome but i still want to be able to shut my screen so space is very limited. If air cooling is my only choice I want as much of it as possible. Any ideas guys? Btw this would make a great episode....