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    Should I upgrade my i5 4670k ?

    I'm not talking about frametime latency, I want the hardware communication to have reduced latency for dpc audio and video streams. Aka I want workstation grade instead of gaming stuff. I reduced the resolution to reduce the cpu usage and it was around 10% performance increase on the lowest resolution in most games I tried except MMO games. Most games uses DX 11 that bottlenecks the cpu as theres a large api overhead junking up the cpu cycles increasing latency for executions on drawing frames causing reduced fps. This is issues for most MMO as direct 12 is Windows 10 only and World of Warcraft is the only game that has gotten dx12 support on Windows 7. I got the 1080ti for 100usd it was used for bitcoin mining and the fan was broken. Is AMD viable in games that doesn't have a good mukticore optimization ? As before Intel had the best ipc (instructions per cycle) I want the best and cheapest hardware that allows me to save money, I don't have a budget but I don't want to waste money on unnecessary hardware.
  2. ReapingName

    Should I upgrade my i5 4670k ?

    Cheapest I could get a 4790k is around 230USD, how big of a performance increase would you guess i could gain? What's the best performance for the cash cpu now a days?
  3. Hi, I currently have: i5 4670k OC 4.3Ghz, 1.35v custom water-cooled GTX 1080TI stock not water-cooled. 16GB RAM 1.6Ghz dual channel Asus asus maximus formula V1 Power supply Mastercooler 850V As far I could understand from information online this would give around a 10% bottleneck depending on the game. I do have a 144Hz screen and I do play MMO games so cpu usage is running 100% in most of these games and gpu is barely used. Should I try overclocking the cpu more as it rarely ever exceed 50c under synthetic benchmarks. Or should I buy a new motherboard, ram, cpu. I do enjoy better response times over graphics Fidelity, but would the performance increase be worth the amount or money and time a system would cost? Thanks for an response