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  1. open your terminal and use the following command: lsblk -fs please copy and paste the results in a code window using the <> button at the top just noticed this thread was raised from the dead . . . . doh!
  2. need to know model of the dongle so we know what chipset, probably needs a special module installed.
  3. maybe spend around 10 bux more and get a logitech G501? I have a G501 and a G502, the 501 is great, just doesn't do multi color Rgb (which doesn't matter)
  4. It appears this is an issue with Tomb Raider ignoring the default sound output. This bug is something I encountered a long time ago when playing it. It would default to a weird sound output and I had to change it in the volume config tool in kde. As you have seen, if you change it to the correct output it begins to work. Pretty sure this is because of pulseaudio constantly changing the defaults.
  5. If this is the case, contact Dell and let them know. They shouldn't be shipping a linux certified laptop with ubuntu on it that has problems. I have a feeling there is something wrong here.
  6. I suggest you take this course. This is an MIT course done by Eric Grissom. It is an absolute banger for new students. You can take the course for free, ungraded and without a cert. You can elect to take it later and pay for a cert as well. https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-computer-science-and-programming-7
  7. This is pretty exciting for those of us who are starting to delve into machine learning / NN training. The Nvidia 20 series offers 16 bit processing which essentially doubles the amount of RAM that can be used for training. While 16 GB is not a ton for models, this is still a good bang for the buck option (if it's cheaper than a 2070) for someone like me who is doing very small models and simple training. Yes, a couple of titans would be nice, and if anyone wants to donate one or two, I'm fully willing to accept them.
  8. The most common way people change their desktop to look like mac OS is to use gnome. Since Ubuntu comes with gnome and is the most commonly used distribution (which means there are tons of helpful articles out there about it), I would suggest using that OS. Here is an older article that should still be relevant: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/03/make-ubuntu-look-like-mac-5-steps
  9. is 200 dollars worth a 3 month wait?
  10. If you want really good info on VFIO passthrough, the Level 1 techs forums has a ton of info. It's probably one of the better resources out there. https://forum.level1techs.com/c/software/vfio Wendell did a great write up on how to get it working with Pop using one vid card in this thread: https://forum.level1techs.com/t/vfio-in-2019-pop-os-how-to-general-guide-though-draft/142287
  11. As a person who uses Linux on all but one of my machines, I would say I don't really care. All I care about is that the hardware is compatible. That's it. I don't care if a reviewer figures that out, and don't feel it's really fair to suggest this is something reviewers should do as it's only a 2% user base. Now, if the reviewer dedicates a channel to it like some folks, they might just get my patreon cash. I vote with my wallet. That's my only statement on the subject.
  12. glad to hear you got it fixed . . . somewhat I am still curious as to what has caused the issue, but it certainly sounds like the board has some weird problems. If it were me, I'd just mark this board as 'don't mess with it anymore' and just move on to another system. That dell I was discussing? I shipped that to my Dad with Xubuntu on it and just said 'go to town'.
  13. It sounds like you are doing serious CAD work. For that I would not recommend a gaming laptop. I would recommend the Lenovo P1 Gen2. this is basically an X1 Extreme laptop but with Quadro graphics rather than a 1660 so it is specifically designed for CAD work. They are absolute beasts. I run an X1 Extreme Gen1 (bought refurbished) as my Daily Driver and cannot say enough great things about it. A word of warning about Lenovo: They have awful shipping and horrible customer service for the purchase. I would recommend buying on Amazon or another third party to make sure you get it on time. You can always go with a refurbished Gen1 as well, they are still very good. If you decide to go the refurb route, you can PM me and I'll send you the seller I bought from on Amazon, they shipped an excellent product that appears brand new and it saved me a few hundred bux.