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  1. Just install Windows 10 on your SSD, and then get Windows to detect your internal hard drive. And copy the data from there over to your SSD! Just make sure your SSD stays plugged in or else your PC doesn't boot!
  2. You should be able to do so if the drive still responds. And you should be able to boot from it too!
  3. I mean, if you are talking about taking notes, studying, watching YouTube, audio recording lectures and simple stuff, chromebooks are 100% fine. But when it comes to more, a used MacBook would really be a good option or a i5 Windows Laptop will also do! Any laptop that can run MacOS or Windows with an SSD would be more than enough!
  4. I have a modern HP laptop with Intel Optane (16 gb). And I have fully installed Zorin OS (Ubuntu Based) on it and got rid of Windows. How can I take advantage of the optane memory? Would love to hear suggestions!
  5. Is there a gui for you to access or something. If not, in the Docs, there should be info on getting .ovpn files for your devices. You might have to open a port on the VM i believe so!
  6. I suggest getting the Php 6000 and see if you can upgrade the hard disk to a ssd.
  7. So there is a feature in MacOS that allows your mac to wakeup/startup at a specific time in the morning. Example: Shutdown at 12 AM and startup at 6 AM Does anyone how this feature works under the hood?
  8. I would suggest you learn Lua. Trust me on this decision. You will never regret it!
  9. My suggestion would be that you let us know of your current setup and how things are, and the skills that you or someone you know has. That way we suggest something within your reach!
  10. There is alot of difference between different ARM cpu's between manufactures.
  11. You could search for TV's in Google and then click on the Google Shopping tab. Then filter as you go, you might find something you like. The best option is to just go an electronic store, or Costco!
  12. You could maybe get an external drive enclosure and turn it into a external drive. Maybe backup your important data on to it, and leave it at a friends house or something so you can have a backup of your data
  13. For the speeds of the max of 1900mbps and all, here is a video:
  14. This one should work, I don't really know much about it, except the company of it. https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-desktop-10-9-10-14-Archer-T2U/dp/B07P5PRK7J/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=usb+wifi+card&qid=1592872989&sr=8-4
  15. Could you check to see if the wifi card not disabled. And maybe open the computer and see if the WiFi card is connected correctly.
  16. and with the endless upgrade options, people might just swap out the CPU for another Intel one in a few years. (Maybe motherboard, not sure)
  17. I'd go with the more Ram and storage option. So the ASUS it is.
  18. First, you cannot currently install macOS on an iPad. Second, strategies such as virtualization should continue working since mac virtualization shouldn't go away. And, Apple said that they would continue supporting their intel based macs for many years, and many people have intel based Mac Pro's, and I don't see them changing them in a few years since a investment into 30+ core mac's is a big investment. So, in my opinion, that many years of support could surpass 10+ years.
  19. First you should install Windows 10 from a clean state with hard-drive clean. Then, install Zorin or Ubuntu. While setting up, it will ask you if you want to dual boot. Look up videos on YouTube. There are tons of them!
  20. If you want to dual boot Windows and Linux, I suggest Zorin OS, it is Ubuntu based, and great for people who haven't used linux!
  21. On the bottom left there is a grid type button. If you click it, search for "Disks". Then you can do adjustments.
  22. Did you try restarting? I recently installed Ubuntu and it glitched a bit when I switched users. Maybe restarting can fix it.
  23. Probally nothing for that budget. Here is one: https://www.amazon.com/WAVLINK-Weatherproof-WiFi-Extender-Detachable-Directional/dp/B07X3KXK7Z/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=weatherproof+wifi+extender&qid=1592783320&sr=8-4