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  1. If you have an iPhone/iPad/Mac use iMovie! And if you have a mac, use Quicktime Player to screen record!
  2. I personally used something similar and worked just fine as he wanted. I ran Windows and Linux and performed very well. And very nice keyboard for school. I truly prefer OP getting a MacBook.
  3. For beginners I suggest: https://www.freescreenrecording.com/
  4. https://www.staples.com/hp-pavilion-15-cs3067st-15-6-notebook-intel-i7-8gb-memory-16gb-ssd-1tb-hard-drive-windows-10-home-13q27ua-aba/product_24441413
  5. Nano Adam

    VPN suggestions

    ProtonVPN I would say. I use it all the time!
  6. Ahh! I apologize for the post. Didn't read the `global`.
  7. YouTube has tons and tons of tutorials on this topic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9GnWYKyyYo
  8. Why not reinstall windows? That is best way to do so!
  9. Make sure you are not on a residential connection, many ISP's block hosting websites from residential connections.
  10. Not at all difficult I'd say.
  11. Maybe a splitter. Something with two ports of your phone, then port to ethernet could work!
  12. I personally check the reviews of each product on multiple sites.
  13. Ah! Maybe usb to ethernet dongle, and connect to a switch. Since your phone is technically the router. Both iPhone and Android allow USB hotspot, but not sure with router.
  14. Why not connect your computer to your hotspot, then get a switch and let the computer do it. I used to do something like that, I think it was called bridge?
  15. I have an Old Nintendo Wii, rarely used (probably less than 25 hours) and is just sitting around. I was wondering what things is the community are doing with an old Wii or how I can make it more useful. Btw, I am not interested to any games or emulation of games. I was thinking in sense of media or something. Maybe making it do something like a chromecast or something?
  16. Probably YouTube! Or maybe documentation of a water heater. Maybe phone someone who knows?
  17. Nope. This problem actually exists on Lineage as well. I run a Reserrection Remix (based on Lineage) and I am unable to solve the problem via Magisk also. But my phone was certified on Stock ROM
  18. Look them up on Amazon or other sites and check out the reviews. And on YouTube I found some reviews about them! I literally copied and pasted the name on YouTube!
  19. Ah! Thought you were gonna buy it! Then you are fine.
  20. Is Windows 10 Pro required? I would get Home.
  21. You will, but you could dual-boot both Windows and Linux, and slowly transfer your data! Then delete the partition of windows, and merge!
  22. When you boot into recovery mode on Ubuntu, you get the option to boot into a Live CD mode without installing the OS onto your system! This is like an extra extra private mode.
  23. Its fine. Probably boot into Live CD mode then install on there to keep data private.