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  1. But you could flask a custom rom! Like Lineage.
  2. I checked my carriers website and this is the cheapest android phone they have that I think is pretty good. Motorola moto e⁶ - 16gb
  3. Make sure it is not Find My Locked. Could be locked because it might be stolen or the owner doesn't know tech well Make sure it is Factory Reset If not, then get it factory reset or you could send the owner a video of how to do it. Make sure it is not locked by a carrier. Could be locked because: not fully paid or if it is stolen. I personally would not buy a second hand phone, but invest a bit more money into a new one. Some carriers have good deals for those phones going on.
  4. There is elementor for Wordpress which is free. Divi is nice and beautiful but requires you to pay to use.
  5. You don't need to know advanced HTML, just need to know good CSS. You could try something like wordpress to html. If you want, if you know HTML classes and everything, then using the Bootstrap CSS Framework or any other CSS framework could really benefit you. I myself am I web developer, so I'd be happy to answer as many questions as you can think of. lol
  6. No idea why. I use filezilla all the time as a FTP client. I use it on a Mac, and no issues.
  7. Backup everything on your MacBook, then reinstall MacOS completely!
  8. Do you see the profiles menu in MacOS settings?
  9. If you rename it, I think it still be visible to the profile thing. Why not investigate where the profile comes from?
  10. You have one satellite on top of the internet roof, then many more pointing to the rest of the barns. You can achieve great distance and be wire free!
  11. If you want to get it, get it for a deal. Some places are selling it lower than $400!
  12. The web browser! Firefox! and text editor.
  13. I use to get that issue when my hard drive was about to be dead.
  14. Oh. https://protonvpn.com/blog/are-vpns-illegal/ You could try Tor. Or, you could setup a server via Digital Ocean and host your own VPN!
  15. lol. No idea why it would say that. I installed it on Apple and Android devices!
  16. You could try Proton VPN. Here is more info: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/1218864-tunnel-bear/?do=findComment&comment=13794219
  17. It is! Includes United States, Japan and Netherlands severs. Unlimited data. Each country has 3 servers. No data caps. Just speed caps. But, I was able to watch 1080p YouTube while connected to Japan or Netherlands. (probably even more if the video wasn't capped at 1080p). The free tier speeds are just slower than paid tiers, but I don't think it makes a difference, depends on your use!
  18. ProtonVPN to my experience is very good! I primarily use to it to watch my country shows that are blocked in the US. Their free tier has unlimited everything. Also, they are based in Switzerland. It is also very good for torrenting.
  19. I personally use ProtonVPN. Their free-tier is pretty amazing too! Don't take my word, but I think Tunnel Bear was acquired by McAfee. That is why Linus stopped promoting it. (Not 100% sure)
  20. Also that will allow you to sell to someone less technical if you gave complete bundle
  21. Maybe if you include the PSU, Case and storage, you could gain a higher profit. Just a bit of investment might really help you.
  22. https://filezilla-project.org/ Has server and client capabilities.
  23. How could the MacBook be the far worst thing I can recommend. I truly disagree with that opinion. It might not be the best at gaming, but for battery life, it would stand out. A used MacBook is in OP budget.